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Online reputation is vital to maintaining a strong business presence. The digital medium ensures that there are a lot of avenues for the public to express a view and an opinion. Content on the website speaks volumes of a company’s reputation and the employees’ conduct and reviews online is also a parameter for people to judge a brand.

Online reputation management involves regular monitoring of trends and data.  The data must be used to interpret a meaning and then the desired steps can be taken to either address a problem or to cater to a need.

Gathering this data isn’t easy and there must be a discipline involved in order to do so successfully on a regular basis. This is a tedious process but is essential to ensure that at any moment the brand team’s defense is ready to counter any threats. There are tools that are being by used in order to handle reputation related problems. Here is a list of some of them.


TrackurThis tool helps you understand what people see when the brand name is keyed in Google or other social networks. By monitoring social media and othernews sources Trackur delivers analytics data that reveal the compelling informationwhich need to be employed to drive brand success. It helps you identify the people who are talking about you and the influence they hold in the medium. Typically the product ranges from 100$-400$ depending on the plan and each plan has a free 10 day trial.

NaymzThe tool shows a “RepScore” based on how locates your brand on the internetand also shows the social influence of the brand which is measured by social indicators. The assessment reveals how trustworthy and reputable your brand is and also shows you the means and the route to improve these factors.

BrandsEyeThis tool has a brilliant feature that people in your office can access it. It offers the base needs for reputation management and has a complex algorithm that analyzes and interprets data.

BrandwatchThis is tool used for social media management and is used to monitor keywords. It uses customer review and public sentiment and uses this information collected to help with decision making.

TechnoratiThis one is good for those who need to carry out the basic tasks. It tracks blogs and reveal the sites which are back linked, which gives you an idea about how successful that post was with your readers. Alerts can be subscribed to which capture this information. This is a free tool.

Rankur-This is the perfect tool if you’re a small organization, yet it still offers a lot of analytics and demographic information. It helps to monitor online reviews, competitor data, and has a team workflow feature. It is available in multiple languages too.

Alterian/SDLThis tool offers a lot of information and data and can be used todecipher the feedback from the people. It shows the opinion of your brand across geographies and amongst different demographics. The tool provides all data required for online reputation and helps in campaign management and also reveals data for marketing analytics.

SocialMentionThis tool helps in keeping you updated for all your keywords.The best feature about this tool is the fact that it can send you alerts for all of your keywords and also shows the moments when brand is mentioned and the importance of the mentions.

Whos Talking– A lot like Social Mention, this tool alerts you when your brand is mentioned. Mentions on almost all social media platforms as well as videos and images are captured but only one such medium can be monitored at once. This is a free tool.

Google Alerts- The most basic tool for reputation management and also the easiest. You need to input the name of the page/ brand that you want to track post which emails will be sent telling you the time and place where the term was used. Data is revealed, not a conclusion. This is a free tool.

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