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Bigger isn’t always better. When you think about marketing for your company, the first thing that comes to mind is your budget. A common belief is that the more you spend on a marketing campaign the bigger the outcome. Thankfully this is not always the case. In fact, being smart about your active campaigns is a better way to generate leads than just shovelling money into a campaign that we hope works.

How do we know a campaign works and how do we put a price on it? Well, that is the problem with a lot of big marketing agencies. They can put a price on a particular model because they have the time to test and evaluate with other companies. So when you sign on for package A, you can guarantee a particular outcome.

However, these marketing agencies cost an arm and a leg. But your home-grown marketing solution is not doing the trick either. Fortunately, there’s an option that is more efficient and effective than a larger firm.

Boutique marketing agencies offer the same skills as larger companies, but they provide unique approaches that are cost efficient and more reliable.

What Is A Boutique Marketing Agency?

A boutique marketing agency is a specialized marketing business that operates with a small group of professionals.

Boutique agencies create a unique marketing experience for their clients and provide benefits over their competitors. What limits a boutique agency is that they aren’t as well-known. Therefore, they won’t have as high of a reputation. Although they may not have a strong reputation, the quality and experience you receive from a boutique agency exceed expectations.

Why Choose A Boutique Marketing Agency?

1. Relationship

When you work with a boutique agency, you get a more personable experience. You are in direct contact with the specialists working on your marketing campaigns. This allows there to be a flow of communication between you and your marketing team. Questions get dispersed department to department, and you receive answers quicker.

2. Flexibility

Boutique marketing agencies do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. With the relationship you build within the boutique agency, you can work together to get a personalized marketing campaign that best suits your business, and can grow as your company does. The larger agencies provide strategies that rely on internal procedures being a certain way. So when a problem arrives, there’s only so many ways to get around it.

3. Targeted Focus

Working with a boutique agency provides your business with a focused strategy. Larger firms tend to focus on the masses and have a harder time developing strategies that will grow your company locally. Boutique agencies specialize in SEO approaches and utilizing their geological demographics.

4. Innovation

As mentioned above, larger firms tend to use similar if not identical methods with each company they take on as a client. What larger firms rely on for their strategies is the concept of time. They run a campaign, and when it tests well, they can begin to implement it into every strategy.

Boutique agencies do not have the advantage of time trials. So when they start to build your strategy, it is easy to adjust because there is no set way to execute a plan. This flexibility means boutique agencies look for the next best way to build your reputation, and aren’t afraid to do things differently.

Working with boutique marketing agencies allows you to grow together. A boutique agency does not exclusively work with small companies either. They are for everybody. If you have a larger company looking for a more cutting-edge marketing campaign, using a boutique agency can provide you with an individual strategy that will differentiate you from your competitors.

To explore more benefits of working with a smaller marketing firm, book a consultation with Edkent MediaExplore the unique relationship of a boutique agency and learn how we can develop your perfect marketing strategy.