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Facebook landscape

Often, using a Facebook group is an underrated marketing strategy when it comes to producing leads and engagement. Many marketers have used Facebook groups to amplify referral traffic but this is not the ideal way to use the power of groups. If leveraged properly, Facebook groups have the ability to get direct leads and sales. The most important factor is a high engagement rate where people can discuss, respond, share and begin making purchases from you.  

A Facebook group is a place where people can interact, share and discuss their common interests. You can create a Facebook group to advertise your business, increase the number of your loyal followers and nurture your target audience. Listed below are five ways to facilitate engagement with members of your Facebook group.

  1. Welcome new members

The first thing you should do is warmly welcome new members of your group. You need to start building up connections with your members from the first day. This connection will allow your members to have a sense of belonging and inclusion. As a result, they will start to open up and share their thoughts freely with other members of the group. Members that join your group within the past seven days are considered new. 

  1. Make it easy for members to interact with the group

Your Facebook group should ensure a safe environment for all of your members to express themselves. You can start off by asking members to introduce themselves. This way, you can make new members feel comfortable, and start the conversation. When people are able to share their thoughts, they feel important. You should also send messages that are tailored to members of your group to foster a closer connection.

  1. Ask questions and post surveys, polls and quizzes

You can post questions to facilitate discussions and conversations. Your question must have a call to action that encourages others to join the conversation and express their thoughts. You can also keep your members engaged and intrigued with surveys, polls and quizzes. Surveys, polls and quizzes garner quick thoughts and opinions. Make them easy and fun to complete. An extra incentive for them to complete a quiz could be a prize.

  1. Use Facebook Live videos

A Facebook Live video can also be a fun and effective way for you to get engagement from group members. When you go on Facebook Live, you can develop a personal and authentic relationship with your group members. They’ll be able to see a more vulnerable and less scripted side of you and your brand that can help them relate to you and your brand better. They will feel like they know you, which can lead to more conversions.

  1. Like, comment and respond to other people’s posts 

Most importantly, you should remain active in the group by liking (or reacting) to other people’s posts, commenting on their posts and responding to their posts. As the group administrator, you should make the effort to regularly like, comment and respond to the other members of your group. They need to know that you genuinely care about the effort they made to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Once you do this, engagement will occur more often.