TOP SEO Tools for Complete SEO AnalysisIn the recent years, digital marketing has been getting tougher and tougher, and not without a reason. With a larger number of businesses putting up a fight for a small space on Search Engine Results Page, this was something we, as marketers, had all been expecting. Add to it the ever-changing search algorithms of major search engines like Google and Bing amongst others, and at one point or the other, we all find ourselves in a desperate need for some assistance to analyse if the websites we are working on, are good enough for these search giants.

How do we go about it? Simple, we use one of the many SEO analysis tools out there. However, given the humongous number of tools available, it can be a little daunting to pick the one that can promise a comprehensive analysis. But, don’t worry! We have got you covered. We have consolidated a list of 5 SEO analysis tools which can offer you the much-required insight about your website content optimisation, and led you in the right direction! So, let’s get started.


  1. WooRank

Woo Rank is one of the most effective tools which can offer you the much-desired assistance when it comes to identifying the various SEO elements that hold significance, while also optimising them.

To understand this elaborately designed tool in a nutshell, WooRank essentially ranks your website on a scale of 100. This scoring is based on as many as 70 distinct criteria. While the free version helps you measure and optimise the site’s performance, the advanced version will offer you with an in-depth analysis of each page, while highlighting the pain points, so that you can address them on your accord.

We love WooRank because –

  • It offers an insight regarding the compatibility of the website on mobile phones and hand-held devices.
  • It offers detailed analysis pertaining to various on-page SEO aspects such as keyword consistency, backlinks, broken links, meta tags and meta description amongst others!  
  • It offers a distinct usability report with comprehensive information about website load time, page sizes and structured data markup, which can help you spot the areas that need your attention.
  • It provides traffic estimates in comparison to the competitors, to give you a fair idea of the visibility and performance of your website.
  • It enables you to download and publish reports, for future reference.


  1. SEO Analyzer

When it comes to the ease of use, SEO Analyser is one tool that will win your heart over. This tool works incredibly well, in the respect that the website analysis conducted by it, underlines aspects which may prove detrimental to your ranking, like inbound links, duplicate content, duplicate URLs etc. the tool is designed to help you improve the SERP rankings.

We love SEO Analyser because –

  • It analyses a wide range of aspects, including but not limited to – website speed, the total number of backlinks, dynamic URLs, keyword placement and consistency, social media shares and their impact and the number of indexed pages.
  • The tool offers Page level SEO recommendations.
  • SEO analyser is one of the fastest analysis tools, you can get your hands on.
  • It generates a comprehensive report, which can be downloaded and published for later use.
  • It points out to the problem areas in the strategy for your website, thereby helping you improve its SEO.
  • It provides assistance in increasing website traffic, thereby helping you climb the rankings.  
  1. SEMrush

If you have been around the world of digital marketing, even for a little while, chances are you already know this tool. And its popularity doesn’t come unwarranted. You can almost always rely on SEMrush to provide you with a detailed analysis of your domain, as well as its individual pages.

We love SEMrush because –

  • It helps you analyse any page that you would like, through a simple plugin
  • It offers a quick synopsis for each keyword, complete with the page’s rank for the specific keyword and its search volume so that you can understand its relevance, and choose to boost its use or dismiss it, accordingly.
  • It offers an extensive comparison of one or more of your web pages, with that of the competitors, thereby letting you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your pages.
  • It also provides an insight pertaining to various on-page SEO techniques, that you may want to incorporate for your website.
  1. Link Research Tools

As the name suggests, LRT is essentially designed to help offer you with an extensive backlink report. If you are wondering about the relationship between SEO and backlinking, let us tell you, in a large number of cases, backlinks bring in as much traffic as SEO, with the comparatively lower competition. The fact that corporate giants such as eBay and Linkedin depend on LRT for its extensive analysis of the backlink profiles stands as a testimony to the significance of this aspect. As a matter of fact, links have become a more substantial

We love Link Research Tools because –

  • It is designed to scan the internet for new links, and offers Link Alerts, when it spots a new link for your chosen website or web pages.
  • It helps deal with Google penalty in an efficient manner by ensuring that Google gets to your disavow file at an unprecedented speed, thus ensuring a swift recovery period.
  • It offers elaborate competitor analysis, thanks to the dedicated Competitive Link Velocity Tool (CLV). This helps you gain a better understanding of Google’s purview of your website, and your business thus helping you work towards better rankings!


  1. Found

Coming to our last tool on this list Found, which gets is excited not just because it’s comparatively new in the market, but also because it is meticulously designed to take a keen look at some of the most impactful SEO aspects pertaining to organic search results. This, along with the fact that it is available as an app, is essentially what sets Found apart from the others on this list.

We love Found because –

  • It helps spot SEO blunders like slow load times, erratic sitemaps and canonicalization amongst others.
  • It provides a comprehensive report on the most robust inbound links
  • It enables you to view full link metrics
  • It offers an exhaustive report of aspects pertaining to link analysis including image links, missing content or attribute, nofollow links etc.
  • It offers downloadable PDF reports.

As you may already know, website analysis is an indispensable part of a competent SEO strategy, which is why it makes complete sense for us, as digital marketers, to take some time out to use and understand these tools. Once we know what works for us, and what doesn’t we can simply go ahead with one or more of them and work our way towards the highest rankings on SERPs. Now isn’t that what we all want, and sometimes even secretly pray for!


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