5 SEO Myths That Needs To Be Busted in 2019

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SEO myths are everywhere and unfortunately, are powerful enough to demotivate the marketers. The floating misconceptions harm the SEO efforts of several businessmen as they are misguided time and again.

If you are already a victim of perceiving the make-believe stories of search engine optimization, it’s high time you should ditch them at once. SEO is the ultimate go-to marketing tool that aids in boosting a brand’s online presence at par. As a leading Toronto SEO company, we hold a strong belief in this.

However, several myths sparked into the forefront due to the presence of some unlawful SEO agencies. Agencies of these sorts claim immediate ranks to their clients at a dirt-cheap price. That’s a scam.

Some even in order to attract marketers towards traditional marketing method claim search engine optimization to be futile.

The list is endless. So, without further ado, here comes a quick list of SEO myths that you should stop believing in 2019 and beyond:

  1. Rank Depends on the Number of Pages

It will be easier for you to debunk if you choose quality over quantity- as the search engines and users do so. Usually, an experienced Toronto SEO company suggests its clients to implement the SEO techniques on a good section of pages in order to serve the users intent.

Concocting this fact, many marketers often work on optimizing all the pages with poor quality content. However, the search engine spiders and online users value an informative site over a site full of redundancy.

Therefore, to increase the market reach and rank higher in the SERPs, you should stick to quality content integrated properly with the right set of keywords. Always remember, AIs of the search engines are smarter. So, your brand would be rewarded if you are able to impress the bots instead of manipulating them.

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  1. Google is the Ultimate Overlord


Albeit, Google is the dominant search engine across the globe, you can’t forgo the importance of other domains of web service providers. The underlying reason is simple. Your business may perform well in other search engines while it sees a low rank in Google.

This is because Google is oversaturated with a cutthroat environment. So, as a leading Toronto SEO company, we would always advise businessmen to optimize their websites by abiding the algorithms of every search engine.

  1. Meta Tags Matter No More

And the truth is meta tags matter to the core!

In reality, meta tags crafted with the right keywords are an excellent way for webmasters to render information the search engines. Post-Hummingbird release phase has stirred several debates on the impact of meta tags in the ranking.

The fact is- adding meta tags may not directly help in securing a higher position in search engines, but these compel users to click on a content. So, it can be summed up by saying, meta tags are still relevant for they attract users to visit a website.

  1. SEO and SMO are No Different

They are entirely different forms of internet marketing sharing some common principles to drive the business goals. However, it’s a popular myth that social media optimization goes hand-in-hand with SEO.

Breaking up in the simplest form- you can’t optimize your website content for the social media channels and vice versa for both run on different sets of rules at large. So, you need to impart two distinctive marketing strategies to complement the entire marketing mix.

For example, work on the most trending hashtags in the case of SMO, whereas for SEO, you need to focus on the competitive keywords.

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  1. SEO is Dying

That being the case, tens of millions of industries are going to shut down!

Based on a few sets of algorithms, a good number of businesses are running. So, standing in 2019, it’s futile to say SEO is dying. Ask any popular Toronto SEO company, you will find that they strongly believe SEO is not a buzzword to fade away with time.

To be true, as long as there are search engines, SEO is prevalent.

Educate yourself with the facts and steer clear of falling foul to these ridiculous myths. Implement SEO extensively in your branding strategy to get trackable results in real-time. To know more about the process, get in touch with us.

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