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If you are new to the world of search engine optimization, there is a lot more to it beyond keywords, backlinking, and Google analytics. With the continual modifications of algorithms rendered by Google and other search engines, SEO Toronto is becoming a nexus of new techniques. And one such technique is nofollow link.

Decoding the Jargon

Most of the SEO efforts focus on internal linking to draw a crowd to a website. However, in the book of SEO, not every link is meant to be crawled by the bots. Here lies the major catch point.

In order to understand the nofollow internal link, you should have an idea of dofollow links too. Breaking up the jargon to win over SEO Toronto:

Starting with the Doable: Dofollow Link

As the name suggests, dofollow links attribute in gaining followers for a website. So, when a webmaster decides on linking back to your website, both users and bots will follow those links to reach your business website.

The term dofollow link came into existence way back in 2005, when Google focused to cut down spam indexing of SEO. So, basically, these links are informative links to drive traffic on your website. In fact, the SEO community refers to this term as ‘link juice’ as these links assist in ranking in the World Wide Web. 

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Now Comes: Nofollow Link

Dofollow links are not enough to amp up the rank of a business. Here is when the nofollow links play into the gallery considering both the interest of humans and bots.

Nofollow links are basically hyperlinks with a rel=“nofollow” tag that don’t attribute in search engine rankings.

Thinking why?

Interestingly, Google doesn’t provide anchor text or PageRank across the links and as a result, the bots don’t crawl there! You must be thinking why one would help out Google to dodge the links and fall down on the ranking ladder.

Do nofollow links eat away all the leads?

Nofollow Doesn’t Imply No Traffic

Because Google is watching! Your efforts of SEO Toronto will not go in vain if you implement the tool of nofollow links in your websites. There is no denying that such links are useful to sustain in the online world.

Take a headlong to know the importance of nofollow links in your business:

  • Enjoy Referral Traffic

Nofollow links are the word of mouth marketing in a digitized form. For instance, when users post links of your brand on various forums, social media platforms, etc., you may not get link juice apparently. Nevertheless, when people will follow these links, you would surely witness more lead generation.

  • Build Credibility

Secondly, nofollow links improve credibility at large. You can earn quality traffic by providing nofollow links in highly informative articles. In fact, this is an indispensable way to make your brand attract a lot of prospects by building sturdier brand awareness.

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  • Generate More Links

You could actually generate a lot more follow links from nofollow links. Our in-house SEO analysts skilled in this department have witnessed how a single nofollow link can generate multiple follow links to help a business rank higher. Our competent team put into the best tactics of SEO Toronto to generate more links for our estimable clients to fulfill their business goals.

  • Benefit SEO

A nofollow link does benefit your SEO efforts by maintaining a sense of trust between Google and your brand. It acts as a natural element to impart a positive impact on your search engine optimization tactics under those legitimate circumstances.

To sum up, nofollow links play a direct role in boosting a website’s visibility. Some of the major links that are usually considered as nofollow links are several forums, comments, paid links, etc. So, boost your brand organically by striking the right balance of nofollow links within real-time.

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