Master the Formulas to Conduct a Successful Branded Search Audit

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In order to stay healthy and sound, people tend to consume the right food. In a similar way, to sustain a brand in this super-competitive environment, marketers need to focus on branded search audit – a holistic way to understand how a business is performing in the eyes of customers.

Branded search audit monitors the following aspects to drive business goals at par:

  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threat
  • Customer engagement
  • Feedback

In short, an audit of this sort examines all the necessary areas to keep a business ahead of the pack. This is why many marketers are hiring Toronto SEO agencies for conducting the audits with utmost accuracy. Studies show individuals who harness the process of online audits tend to have a sturdier branding strategy to win over the target audience.

The entire process of branded search audit can be serpentine if not comprehended in a proper way. Therefore, marketers need a thorough understanding before taking a nosedive to mug up the formulas. Because the secret formula to thrive a business is true cognizance!

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Knowing the Why

The first thing to mark this particular SEO element is to know more about branded search. So, what a branded search is all about?

It’s a pragmatic way to ‘differentiate’ a business from its competitors! And to stand out amid the clutter, branding is the most feasible way out!

According to the statistics, great powers lie in branded keywords. For instance, if users are searching for products or services using a brand’s name, the business’s stakes are high. This is because the users are already falling under the sales funnel of that particular brand. So, smart marketers are not shying away to promote their businesses anymore.

Individuals to boost their online presence are investing in branded keywords as a vital factor of Toronto SEO. However, a lot of businessmen are leaving major money on the table for their peers even after focusing on branded keywords.


They are not implementing the metrics to understand how the branded search terms are performing online. Either it’s pure ignorance or dearth of ken that prevents them from a proper auditing approach.

Understanding the critical point, we have curated an easy guideline integrating all the formulas of Toronto SEO to orchestrate a branded search audit.

Knowing the How

We have divided the system of branded search audit into the following sections for the marketers to grasp them easily.

  1. A Well-crafted Framework

An active framework sets the main stage to perform the audit for a branded search. In order to draw a suitable framework, businessmen should pay heed to certain points.

  1. Immediate competitors
  2. Brand position vis-à-vis peers
  3. Target audience
  4. Their engagement
  5. Relevant industry trends


  1. Gelling with the Analytics

Keeping an eye on web analytics is a must to pull off an online audit. Hence, checking and scrutinizing Google analytics in a routine way is a mighty form for a business to survive the competitive ecosystem. As per the unsaid rules of Toronto SEO, marketers need to stay abreast with the following metrics to get valuable insights from the analytics:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Page Views
  • Traffic
  • Conversions

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  1. Online Survey

Surveys provide a bird’s eye view of the entire branding strategies and thus, these play a decisive role in the branded search audits. Capitalizing on the advantage, businessmen should conduct online surveys incorporating tricky questions to map customers’ minds and pinpoint their positions in the online gaming zone.

Some of the significant topics to include in the surveys can be:

  • Weak points
  • Strong points
  • Trust issues
  • Brand recall
  • Effectiveness of customer service
  • Overall user experience on the website

Based on the score of customer loyalty metric, a business that seems to lose a grip may do the needful to boost a business to the bottom line. Experts from our house usually advise to conduct such surveys on social media platforms instead of the website – as the crowds in the former channels are more agile!

  1. Tracking & Measuring

This is the ultimate step of conducting an audit for branded search terms. Individuals must maintain a monthly tracking sheet to perceive the search volume of branded keywords. Thorough tracking and measuring give a panoramic view of several insights to improve the rank of the branded search terms so as the website. For this, tracking and measuring are referred to as the ‘needing work’ to retain a strong market position and brand recognition respectively.

The branded search audit is one of the most deliverable ways to create a greater market share. Moreover, businesses can have a higher return on investment by spending a shoestring budget. So, for those who want to leverage their trade aligning with Toronto SEO, should focus on branded search audit without any delay.

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