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Hear from Our Happy Clients.

I am absolutely blown away by the marketing strategy provided by Edkent! I am impressed by the consistent and cohesive messaging across all channels - social media, email marketing, website copy; you name it. A lot of thought and effort has gone into crafting a brand identity that caters to my target audience. But what makes Edkent great is its focus on creating innovative and creative ideas. Every piece of content they produce, every promotion they run, feels like it's been well thought of. Edkent understood what I wanted. I will highly recommend Edkent to everyone. Keep up the great work!

OwnerIndustrial Manufacturing company

Working with Edkent Media is such a joy ride. As a law firm, we want to ensure that we can offer help to the maximum number of people in need. Edkent has paved the way for us to meet our objectives with ease and grace. Since our partnership with them, we have witnessed a heightened level of website traffic and an increase in the number of clients thanks to their advanced Paid marketing campaigns. Working with Edkent is like a dream come true.

Vice Presidentlaw firm based in Ottawa

They surpassed our expectations and gave us more than we imagined. We have been working with Edkent Media for over two years now, and we cannot be happier. Prior to working with them, we ranked somewhere on the fourth or fifth page of the search engine results page, but now we rank in the top three of the first page. Edkent has helped us with our Organic search rankings big time, and we are witnessing an all-time high number of daily visitors!

OwnerResidential maintenance firm

Ten on ten! These guys deserve even more. They have strengthened our social media by leaps and bounds. Edkent, in two months, has managed to do what I have been trying to do for the past 3 years. Thanks to my social media, my sales inquiries have shot up through the roof, and I have Edkent to thank for this.

OwnerJewellery supplies

I am excited to share my experience with the design services of Edkent. The design that they produced for my project was outstanding. From the moment we started working together, the designers were attentive, professional, and patient in understanding my specific requirements. The team asked me questions to gain a clear insight into my idea, and they were able to translate it into visually stunning unique designs. Kudos to the team for their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring I was happy with the final product.

OwnerManufacturing Company

SEO Expert, Consultant, Specialist

What if any person who searches Google becomes your client? What if your website could gain additional online traffic from shoppers looking for your services/products? What if you could effortlessly enter new markets using tested and proven paid advertisements?

When it comes to SEO, we, at Edkent Media, have proven unique solutions to match your ambitions. If you are looking for an SEO expert in Toronto who can tailor practical SEO solutions for your business, then you are in the right place. Basically, when it comes to search engine optimization, we make it happen.

Our SEO Strategy

Whether you are new to SEO or have a plan underway, typically, the best starting place is to have a discussion with an SEO specialist in Toronto. Our SEO Toronto company can help you achieve top rankings. Any SEO expert will tell you that SEO calls for a strategic approach for it to be profitable and productive. Here are some practices we deem indispensable:

SEO Expert Audit

Well, we begin by conducting a thorough SEO analysis or scrutiny of your online presence to understand your business’s SWOTs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

Competitive Analysis

We also identify which SEO tactics and keywords are generating a high amount of traffic to your competitor’s website, and thus, eventually come up with an ethical technique of dealing with that.

Keyword Strategy

After carrying out a competitive analysis and conducting our own keyword research, we analyze our findings and employ our vast SEO knowledge to come up with a long-term strategy.

On-Page SEO Service

This kind of SEO approach mainly entails fine-tuning or correcting the content on your website. For instance, this may involve creating content with relevant and strategically placed keywords, optimized Meta tags and unique page titles to maximize your exposure online.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO entails attempts made outside your website; for example, building quality links to your website or landing page, which are typically votes of authority and credibility in the eyes of Google.

Continual Improvement

Through goal conversion data and keyword rank tracking, we gauge your SEO progress to determine if the techniques we employed are working or not. We generally do this for improvement.

Uncertain If SEO Services Are Worth Your Investment?

The digital landscape has experienced a lot of changes over the years; however, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still remains an important marketing tool. While there are countless benefits associated with investing in a good SEO strategy, here are six benefits that we cannot forget to mention.

  1. Increased organic traffic

Organic traffic refers to the number of visitors or potential customers, landing on your website via non-branded search queries. By optimizing your website and content with high-quality keywords, both returning and prospective clients will have an easier time searching for your services or products.

  1. Strong segmentation

Unlike the traditional marketing tools like television ads and newspaper classifieds that desperately seem to scream for attention, SEO naturally attracts clients who are already looking for your services or products online. Most notably, SEO is known to achieve market segmentation by location effectively, device, behaviour, age, gender, keywords, landing pages, referring sites, and more.

  1. Low cost, high ROI

Tracking web traffic, conversions, and increase in rankings on major search engines can provide you with comprehensive data about your clients and their level of engagement all through the purchase funnel. Evaluating this data with the assistance of an SEO consultant can help improve your marketing campaign and save money and time in the process.

  1. Builds credibility

Effective SEO can help your website to appear on the first page of Google. High page rankings on Google and other major search engines equate to being a trustworthy company. Content optimization, social engagement, and link building are some of the few techniques we employ to boost your site’s reputation and rankings on Google.

  1. Mobile friendliness

Millions of people nowadays prefer using their phones to browse, compared to other gadgets. Therefore, besides having a responsive web design, ensure your site is mobile-friendly. SEO can significantly help to enhance the overall mobile user experience. Creating faster page load times and using high-quality images with descriptive text are just but a few practices for attaining mobile optimization.

  1. Stay ahead of the competition

If you are just learning the benefits of SEO, think how far you are from beating the competition! However, don’t worry, it is never too late to start anything. As a knowledgeable SEO consultant Toronto agency, we can provide you with in-depth analysis of your competitors, which in turn can be used to identify the position and performance of these competitors, as well as ascertain your ranking opportunities and market demographics.

Many Businesses Benefit From Seo. Yours Can Too!

Many perceive SEO as a highly technical term which only renowned brands and major corporations use. This is false. Any business or industry can gain from optimizing their site for visibility in search engines. Here are eight main businesses, which can benefit from seeking the services of an SEO specialist.

    • Startups and small businesses –Startups and small businesses usually operate on a tight budget. SEO is actually one of the most economical marketing strategies, hence, ideal for businesses with limited resources.
    • SaaS and online service companies – If you are in the SaaS industry, you need clients on your website or online store, regularly trying your product. Basically, this means, you need a steadfast inbound flow of web visitors (which SEO provides). Additionally, as you might be aware, software products are meant to solve a specific problem in the market; and what do people do when they run into problems nowadays? They search for a solution online.
    • Niche companies – This is any company that caters to an exceedingly specific target market. These companies have a big advantage when it comes to SEO since they have naturally gotten rid of the competition. An SEO consultant can greatly help you find far more competitive keyword opportunities to solidify your niche company’s online presence.
  • Locally exclusive companies – Local search usually operates on an algorithm somewhat separate from national SEO. Obviously, this gives businesses wishing to utilize local searches some great strategic opportunities.
  • Medical professionals – Medical professionals have a specific area of specialization, hence, providing great keyword opportunities for these kinds of ventures.
  • Legal professionals – Legal professionals enjoy almost all the same benefits that medical practitioners do when it comes to SEO. As you might be aware, they also operate locally, thus, are in a good position to capitalize on local search.
  • Maintenance professionals – There is a degree of locality when it comes to the maintenance industry, thus, making local SEO a great option. In addition, clients in this niche are always searching for solutions; and sometimes, because their search is necessitated by some sort of emergency, you will have a higher probability of converting potential web visitors due to their urgent need of assistance.
  • Restaurants and bars – Bars and restaurants also need SEO. Most are tied to one physical locality, which makes them perfect for local SEO Service.

Leading Seo Expert Toronto To Get You Better Rankings And More Business

Only a skillful SEO specialist in Toronto can help you outshine your competitors and ensure lasting success of your business. Here is why many Toronto and Canadian residents in general, consider our SEO services.

  • We are problem solvers – If your website is not performing as expected, in regards to SERP ranking, then there is something faulty somewhere. In such a situation, we are always ready to accept the challenge. Instead of losing hope or getting confused, we devise a plan to get your website back from the abyss.
  • Continuous learners – Search engines change their algorithms quite frequently. Additionally, SEO techniques which were handy some years back may damage your website’s repute now. We are always eager to learn new optimization techniques to ethically solidify your online presence.
  • Greater communicators – We are never bossy. We can smoothly communicate and collaborate with your team – from web developers and programmers to graphic designers and content writers – to ensure that everybody is in sync with your aspirations.
  • Attention to detail – A proficient SEO consultant not only has a technical understanding of the subject matter but is also a perfectionist. Small aspects like incomplete Meta descriptions or wrong title tags can lead to penalization by Google. We always double check every minute detail of our clients’ websites for 100% success.
  • Experienced – Never entrust your website to a fresher. We have been in this field for long and we know how to get things done. We have remained the number one SEO choice for platforms like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Opencart, Volusion, Wix… name them all. Well, of course, we are not magicians, but we always deliver results within the deadline specified in the contract.

We Are All About Results – Get In Touch Today!

Your potential clients are out there. Apparently, they are on their computers and phones right now; however, your site might not be appearing in their search results. As a highly regarded SEO expert Toronto firm, it’s our job to make sure they do find you.

Our SEO service will help you to establish an admirable online presence and in the long run, generate leads and stay competitive. We engross ourselves in fully understanding your objectives, customers, and business. Then we partner with you to come up with a customized SEO campaign intended to boost your rankings and guarantee you more business.

All said and done, we believe, results are all that matter when it comes to SEO. Feel free to contact us today and we will ensure that search engines like Google and Bing show your website to the right web visitors, at the right time.