Tricks to Contend With the Evil Online Spam: Google Webmaster Rule

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Is your website spammy with poor links? Are you missing out on the major traffic? It seems you have messed up with Google webmaster’s rule. Either take the blame on your shoulders or pass on to your inept SEO team!

According to a recent survey, 53% of businesses that violate the guidelines of Google’s search console lack the guidance of a competent SEO company Toronto. The unskillful self-proclaimed experts in order to give their clients a cheap crowd transgress the rules and regulations formulated by Google. As a direct consequence, businesses get removed from the index within no time.

Unfortunately, that harms a business to the core and you may be aware of the consequences by now.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, so does the spam. It’s not an art or technology that you need to implement to regain your position online. As a leading SEO company Toronto, we suggest you to abide by the technique if decision science to align with the search console’s rule seamlessly.

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Again, a jargon?

No. Here, by decision science, we refer to a collaborative approach to fight the deterring spam in an effective way. The most common spamming issues which we have addressed are discussed below:

  1. The One with Google My Business Keyword

Like many other businessmen, you may have encountered the same issue. Being the dominant search engine, Google will penalize the websites that add keywords in their Google My Business account. All too often, many incompetent SEO analysts practice this sort of keyword stuffing to rank their clients’ business.

Therefore, Google applies a hard or soft suspension of the GMB accounts based on the intensity of keyword stuffing. As a result, businesses witness a direct dip in their ranks. However, you still have time to redeem the situation by following these exact steps suggested by the expert panel of our SEO company Toronto:

  • Pinpoint the Right Keywords

That being said, you have to be responsible enough to spot the golden keywords. Our team usually suggests working with a single keyword as it is a restoration process. Don’t chance upon the keyword; rather investigate it on the search engine to dissolve any improbable factors related to ranking. The trick is to spot the less competitive yet result-yielding keywords that align with your target audience’s intent.

  • Optimize the GMB Account

It is of utmost importance to work on your GMB account for it can make your business transform into a brand locally or even globally. Learn from your past mistakes and leverage this opportunity by incorporating the right keyword in a seamless manner.  We recommend professional help for your maximum benefit.

Additionally, make sure to provide accurate information about your business. You may put a keyword here too.

Pro Tip: Put at least 5 to 6 images that are relevant to your business for proper optimization of GMB account.

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  1. The One with Product Review Markup on Improper Pages

We sincerely acknowledge the importance of product review markup to fetch a good crowd. However, a lot many marketers misuse the purpose of this, knowingly or unknowingly, by placing them on almost every page related to their businesses.

That’s certainly agonizing for Google webmaster as marketers violate the rules by positioning the markups on incorrect pages. If this has happened to you, here’s what the team of our SEO company Toronto strongly advice:

  • Do all the changes at once to ward off unwanted attention from Google
  • You may use a review button or AggregateRating to get reindexed

Take these points on board to resolve the spamming errors. You need to remember, Google is getting smarter so as its webmaster guidelines. You need to obey the rules and also stay abreast of the same to save your business from getting spammed once again.

You may also contact us for any sort of query or information.

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