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Are you looking for a custom website design & development services company in Toronto? Look no further as Edkent Media can help you with your digital marketing needs. With our creative and results-oriented team, we can help you achieve your goals: whether it is to get a professionally designed website, generate website traffic and generate more leads for your company, our leading Toronto Web Designers can solve your creative issues!

We provide handcrafted and responsive websites that communicate the passion of your company efficaciously.  Our primary goal is to collaborate and cooperate with clients in the Greater Toronto Area to offer the best possible design and conversion solutions.  We offer our personal touch to the services and ensure all your goals are met even before the deadline!

Every business needs to have a website. For a majority of businesses, the website will serve as the face of the company. With the help of our website design, you will be able to make the right impression on the visitors. Our professionals are meticulous and thorough. They make sure that the websites we develop are of a high standard.

Important Elements of Website Design

Unconventional Design: You can make an impact with modern, clean, and engaging website design. It will convey the right brand image for the company to existing and new clients.

Responsive Design: Any website has to be mobile ready.  All websites that we develop are fully responsive. They can adapt to any tablet, computer, or smartphone just by using a single set of files.

Website Tracking: With the help of Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, you will be able to secure detailed visitor stats. Thus, you will be alerted when Google identifies a problem that can have an impact on your SEO performance.

WordPress: Customers are known to ask for this by name. WordPress is considered to be one of the most popular content management systems. It is scalable and flexible.  Moreover, it is easy to use. The best part about this is that it is free.

SEO: The websites that we develop are known to perform really well on major search engine platforms such as Google and Bing.  Since we offer the right foundation for your website, you can expect that your site will climb really high in search results as it grows and matures with our SEO services.

Support: Our customer support is always available for you if you need any help or have questions. These are professionals who attend to maintenance and support service requests and concerns. We look after everything for you within a minimum fee.



Edkent Website Design Process

Understand Requirements: We start off by gathering all your requirements from your website. It is our job to learn the functions that you want and then decide on the look and feel. A successfully designed website will try to incorporate all of these fundamentals.

Concept Design: We will consider your request and transform that passion into a visual concept.  It is our goal to push your business to the front of the digital crowd. Our edginess is simply going to delight you.

Client Feedback Cycle: It is our primary aim to get your design right on the first try.  In case something does not appeal to you, the first time, we redesign it to satisfy your needs. Website design is a creative process and we make sure that you do not settle for anything less.

Develop: The coding of the website is going to have an effect on the back-end framework of the site.  Done right, it can offer a lot of advantages, like compatibility. This part of the process will enable you to see the concept turn into reality.

Test and Launch: In order to make sure that you receive seamless user experience, the website has to function as expected. We test every navigation button and link so that we are able to offer a finished product that operates efficiently.

Website Design Packages

Small Business Website Design Package: This is an easily scaleabale web design package with about 6 or more pages, custom graphics, cascading styles, and interactive navigation on every page.

Premium Business Web Design Package: This package offers a theme-based and fully scalable website with 12 or more pages, and site upload. It includes custom graphics and artwork, cascading style sheets, a custom 404 not found page, an interactive navigation page, the option to select images from our catalog of royalty-free and original photos.

Corporate Business Website Design Package: This package offers a custom designed website, fully customized to your needs, and site upload. It includes custom graphics and artwork, cascading style sheets,  a custom 404 not found page, flash animation elements, an animated navigation page,  and the option of selecting images from our catalog of royalty-free and original photos.

SEO Packages: If you already have a website that requires optimization, we will assist you with the same.  We use an organic approach to balance content, keywords and other aspects of SEO.

We have been helping businesses across Canada with their web design services since 2014. We also do custom eCommerce website design & development, Shopify web designs and Magento designs. Contact us and get a professional and modern looking website for your company in Toronto.

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