It is an undisputed fact that Content Marketing should be an integral part of every business’s digital marketing strategy. Content marketing helps create various mediums and materials to create brand awareness as well as educate consumers about various aspects of the brand and product. It costs almost 60% lesser compared to various traditional marketing techniques and can also help boost your return on investment (ROI) by 13X. [1]

It is difficult to decide or narrow down on one medium for content marketing and a business should dabble in different forms of content marketing to see what fits its’ messaging best. 

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Types of Content Marketing to Leverage Your Brand

Blog Posts

Potential customers are always looking for answers on the internet related to various products and brands and a blog is a good way to attract them towards your brand. Blogs are an integral part of content marketing. If a blog is well written, chances are it will rank on Google for that search term, and you can draw a potential customer to your domain and business. You could also get a good lead from this customer. Blog posts are a great way to give organic traffic a boost and are low-cost investments in the digital marketing strategy. 

  • Always make sure the blog is optimized with proper keywords, meta titles, and a good feature image. 
  • Keep your blog to the point and try to write it from the point of view of the customer who is looking for answers
  • Organize your blog topics using a pillar content strategy.

Infographics and Visual Content

Infographics are a great way to make engaging, eye-catching content. When you’re looking to present data and statistics, it can be quite a tedious task and customers may lose interest. In order to keep it visually appealing and captivating, make use of infographics. The information then becomes easy to process and visuals are more likely to be remembered than heavy text.

Another medium that has gained popularity in the past couple of years is the use of GIFs, memes, and visuals to get the message across. Brands that stay on top of current trends and use meme templates to send their message across are more likely to relate to customers and get them to engage. 


Video marketing is surely on the rise as a good 54% of consumers have said they’d like to see and interact with videos from brands they’re invested in and interested in. It is a great way to generate leads as you engage or educate your consumers. 

Video marketing has grown manifold and has a variety of forms – from ads to vlogs to 30-second reels on Instagram and TikTok which are a quick way to catch eyeballs and are seemingly cost-effective. Need help to create quality video content for your brand? You can reach out to Edkent Media for video marketing services that will help boost your brand awareness and engagement with your customers. 

Buyer Guides

With the advent of the internet, users want to conduct thorough research before they invest in any product or service. They read reviews and most basic searches are on the lines of the ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’ questions. Customers want to know why a product would suit their needs, its benefits, price, etc. They want quick and informative answers. One of the best ways to reach out to them is by creating dedicated buying guides for your business and its offerings.

A buying guide should help answer all the questions and queries a customer might have. It should successfully redirect him to buy your product to have a successful conversion. Buyer guides could also be in the form of infographics or videos to get the point across clearly.

Influencers and Social Media

Social media marketing has got to be one of the most important platforms to boost your business and get customers to interact with, share, and like your content. Brands are quickly turning to influencers to promote their products as customers are 40% more likely to purchase having seen the product being promoted by an influencer they follow. [2] Influencers are easy to reach and you can just reach out to them via email or their social media handle and work with them to get your brand promoted to thousands or even millions of followers in no time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best tools in your arsenal as a business to help leverage your brand. 90% of people check their emails daily and it’s a good method to get them to engage with your brand. You can use emails for a variety of tasks. Lead generation, promotional emailers, announcements, sale emails, or even promote your videos and blogs through email marketing. Emails can help provide a higher turnover and ROI compared to other marketing tools.

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User-Generated Content

Believe it or not, every customer you service can become a voice for your brand on the internet. User-generated content includes tweets, reviews, testimonials, and social media posts. It is not uncommon to find brands losing out to customers because of a tiny incident that was neglected. A single tweet about how the customer had an uncomfortable experience with the brand can go viral. It is important to maintain a positive relationship with customers online and offline. This is because user-generated content is considered trustworthy by other customers. Customers’ reviews are heavily relied upon by consumers when buying decisions.

Case Studies

Like user-generated content, case studies are real-life, in-depth analyses of a customer’s experience with a brand. They provide buyers an insight into the customer journey with the brand from start to finish. They offer tangible proof as to how your brand performs in the real world. Get insights into how it is perceived by your clients and users. The insights and information present in case studies can then be converted into infographics, videos, and blogs for further reach.

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The world of content marketing surely seems to reside at the heart of digital marketing strategies. It would be next to impossible for a business to survive in the tough market. You are up against competitors who are leveraging content marketing strategies. Why should your business be left behind?

If you require a well-thought-out content marketing strategy for your business, contact Edkent Media at (647) 557-1130 and we’d be happy to help out and plan out your strategy tailored for your business.