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SEO trends best practices 2021

The smartest way for driving audiences towards your websites/ecommerce listings is to work on SEO techniques. Maintaining a top position on Google’s search results pages is a challenging task but not impossible. Every year strategies change, and we have to adopt the trends accordingly. Knowing what the major SEO trends in 2021 will be will help you optimize your site rank higher and you can plan content accordingly. 

Planning content for SEO? Don’t forget you are writing for real people, real visitors, not just for web crawlers.

SEO Trends 2021

Our SEO team susses out SEO trends in 2021 that show the most promise for improving site ranking and ecommerce listings.

1. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most proven and effective strategies for keeping users interested. That’s a great way of enhancing time-on-page, engagement, and other search metrics, making video marketing of great value to SEO. Pay attention to the video content, planning the title and meta description to attract the maximum audience. It’s essential to get subtitles, too, to make videos watchable for people who cannot play audio on their device/speak a different language. Videos make a positive impact on people who don’t have time for reading but need smart solutions. It would be a wise decision to invest in video ads for promotion too.

2. Image Optimization

To rank the web page on top another essential strategy is to focus on image optimization as a long-term SEO plan. Audiences look to pictures as a means of getting additional information. Images are expected to provide more information about a product to buy or the content on a page. Look at any news portal and you’ll almost always see a picture accompanying a news report. 

Always use high-quality and relevant images to deliver the message best. Use ‘alt’ tags and all the necessary labeling to make sure images are correctly assessed for SEO ranking. High-quality pictures play an essential role in driving the audience towards the content by defining the level. (Don’t forget to compress your images for website speed!)

3. Data and Analytics

SEO is only not about improving the content and uploading it, it requires technical understanding of the metrics. A professional SEO company ensures that they understand the audience, traffic source, bounce errors, and referral sources to plan SEO strategies accordingly. Data science is a different aspect that needs to be addressed for making SEO effective.

To best implement upcoming SEO trends in 2021, one needs to focus on data and analytics to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the website/listing. This will help in building a wholesome picture of the website, and implement effective link building as well.

4. Internal & External Links

Very simply, the greater the number of links a page receives the greater is its authority and the greater its chances of ranking on Page 1 of Google. However, SEO is getting more and more sophisticated over time such that only relevant content ranks on the top of Google search engine results pages. 

Internal and external link building will nevertheless remain a crucial SEO task in 2021. Link building. Keep adding high quality links to your content – ones relevant to your industry – to keep growing your domain authority. 

5. Website Cache

People automatically leave a site that takes several minutes to load. Good technical SEO can improve the loading issue by enabling website cache. By turning on this feature you allow a browser to remember digital assets and other details about the website without having to download everything again. This one small technique can boost the loading speed of a site impressively.

The visitor’s experience will be enhanced, and you will save server bandwidth from having to repeatedly share the same code. First, you need to check it through the hosting provider because sometimes it’s enabled by default. If your website is not improving, check the size of media you have uploaded on your website.

6. Featured Snippets

Snippets are the content strategy for 2021 to implement if you want your website to rank consistently on the first Google results page for your search query. Snippets always drive significant traffic by showing a snippet of the information from the main content. It gives an idea to a visitor that the platform has the information they are looking for.

To get your website page into the Featured Snippet section, focus on keywords and queries as required. Answer ‘why-based’ questions in detail, and check your competition to get a clear picture of what content you should include.

7. Voice Trends

While talking about future SEO trends, how can we not talk about the next evolution of search? According to surveys, more than 4 billion voice search sources have been used on Google – taking voice search to a whole new level. It is predicted that by 2022 this will be the most popular means of searching!. 

Updating your site for voice search requires a thorough SEO audit. People will find your product or content while cooking or driving through voice command, so it needs to be accurate and to-the-point. Start preparing in 2021 because the competition for voice search will only get tougher.

8. SEO Audits

To maintain the ranking and site in terms of content perform regular SEO audits. It’s always a great idea to conduct audits once a year or every six months. By auditing website/listing performance and content you will get a clear picture of what needs to be improved, and what are the things that should be improved on your site.

And while knowing future SEO trends in 2021 is great, audits can tell you what your SEO strategy should be. After all, every digital platform is different and needs to be optimized differently. 

Importance of SEO Optimization in 2021

Today, without focusing on SEO there is little chance of ranking your website on the first page of Google – or listing your product first on Amazon. Invest in SEO to maximize your audience-pulling potential. 

Looking for more ways to SEO-optimize your website or your ecommerce listings? Why not talk to us today? We work with all types of businesses, helping them reach the top of search rankings and maximize web traffic.