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It will take you around few months to go from a basic 4000 followers to a whopping 10K, and from there, you don’t have any worry. Every day, you get the opportunity to gain hundreds of new followers and that might work out pretty well for you in this session. There are some ways in which you can gain a whopping amount of 50K followers using some of the organic steps over here, and even when you have a WordPress platform to start the work with. These steps are super easy to follow and won’t ask for much from your side.

It is really mandatory for you to get hands on the best steps and for that, visiting sites like this might help you out a lot. Using the steps, you can actually get the number of followers you are eyeing for over here. Make sure to check out the options well and note it down before addressing the finest approaches now.

Try using a proper and actual camera:

You might want to take pictures from the phone’s camera as it proves to be quite comfortable and easily available. It is true that the phone cameras keep on improving with the idea of providing you with crystal clear pictures. But, things might not always work out well. Buying a super expensive phone just for the sake of taking IG pictures is not worth it.

  • With the same affordable money, you can easily start using professional DSLR or other cameras with high definition lens for perfect pictures in the end.
  • Yes, it is true that it is no doubt a hassle to get your camera and tripod out every time when you are planning to click a picture, but the end result is always superb. Not just taking the pictures, but you have to take multiple ones for that perfect click, edit it and then post on IG. At the end of it all, it is worth the changes and hard work made.
  • Instagram is stated to be a visual platform, which is designed for people willing to react to what they see. So, it always makes some sense that a perfect and nicer photo will elicit more engagement and likes.
  • Then you can use the plugin tool to infuse your famous IG platform with business WP site. This way, you can gain more followers and they will find it attractive to visit your site and make a purchase. So, creating an astonishing IG platform is equivalent to the business growth.

Filters might be your friend but you have to tread them lightly:

IG happens to be the runway of photos. So, there are some times when people might scroll right past your project. So, while a photo on blog can easily stand out on its own, especially on WordPress pages, without more brightness or shadow, but for the IG section you have to stand out.

  • There is always a fine line right between adding filter to photo to brand the same as yours and then filtering the same photo to make it look nothing quite like the reality.
  • Using the same filters all the time, it might start feeling familiar among people gradually. They might tart recognizing it as your very own and the feed will look cohesive.
  • You can try using 2 different ones but quite similar to the VSCO filters. Some tones are warmer on the photos and you can turn the opacity down by around half, to make it not that stark.

Make way for your niche and follow it:

In case, you are actually planning to grow following, you have to give people what they are actually following you for. It can prove to be one difficult adjustment and you can learn that most people don’t even care about some of the promising parts of your life, which might seems special to you personally.

  • They are more into the kind of place you are living in, where you are traveling for the holidays and those holiday pictures, and how you practically liv your life.
  • There are multiple times, when you might lose followers just because you thought of sharing one proper happy picture of any special moment. It is not that necessary to take these notes by heart, as losing and winning followers are part of the IG world.

Always remember that posting something is not better than posting nothing always:

Most of the pros out there would like to post on IG twice daily. One time will be in the morning and other, it will at evening session. They generally don’t follow any of those hard and fast rules of when you might need to post. There are times when you might find people telling you that the time is horrible to post. Don’t follow what others are saying and try it on your own.

You can check out on the posts first and then get to the right solution. The matter is not quite associated with the time but the quality of the content you are posting. If you have proper and interesting quality content by your side then posting thrice daily or maybe once a day will work out pretty well for you. But, it is always the quality that matters the most around here. So, you have to be sure of that.

Your pictures need a face:

Even when you are trying to post pictures of your environment, place or food, make sure to add a face to it. It is not always necessary to add your face to every picture you plan to post on IG. But, there should be one in at least 4th photo just to add that symmetry in every point possible.

These points will definitely work out well for you. Just try to follow it and in no time, you can easily get to add around 50K more followers to the IG account and with ease. It is always mandatory for you to get the right solution over here.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit for more information.