7 Strict-No Web Design Features You Need to Steer Clear Of Right Away

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A web design can make or break a website. Think of a site that is as barren as a desert or overdramatized with little or no information. Well, both the cases are example of a true turn off. You may not want the same when it comes to your business website.

However, owing to dearth of adequate information and knowledge, many marketers end up having a lot of redundant features. As a result, they lose out leads and customers. If you want to give your website a  great impression, it’s time to fasten your belt.

Instead of opting for the dos, concentrate on the don’ts of web design Toronto. It is always better to get rid of the unwanted things to have the best of the best. Tying with the former sentence, below given are the must-avoid features you need to look for while doing the website.

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  1. Bid Bye to Autoplay Video

If annoyance had a name, it would have been these autoplay videos. Video is indeed a powerful tool of marketing. However, thinking from a user perspective, pop-up autoplay videos are no less than a source of menace. As a marketer, hopefully you won’t be on a voyage to irritate your visitors. Hence, be a true skipper and chuck out the concept of unnecessary autoplay pop-ups from your web design Toronto.

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  1. Slow-loading Pages are a NO

Secondly, homing a slow-loading web page in the mobile-first world is as useful as snake oil. People online are impatient. If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, chances of bounce rate becomes inevitably high. So, in 2019 you must shift to responsive website design for catering the millions of mobile phone users. Apart from the designing aspect, responsive sites are also considered as a ranking factor since 2011.

  1. Chuck Surprise Interactions

The majority of the online audience count those surprise interactions as pushy and even scammy. These are the prime source of issues while a user tends to go through an important piece of content. In a survey, it is seen that 67% of the users dodge the websites that often come up with interactions of these sorts. Hence, avoid such kind of modern disruptive pop-ups in your web design Toronto.

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  1. Avoid Homepage Video Backgrounds

Autoplaying in the background of homepage is the last thing a user can imagine in his dream. It’s scary and intrusive. You should never consider this feature if you love your visitors. Apart from being highly distracting, the concept of autoplaying also aids in slowing the loading speed of a website.

  1. Kick Autostart Audio

Akin to the above-mentioned point, this is another nagging feature. According to a study, 85% of the online video are consumed without sound. Hence, abandon this feature from your website. You can better incorporate small and precise subtitles for better comprehension of the website content.

  1. Chatbots Messages

Perceived to be helpful, the chatbot message is another maddening feature the users hate to the core. Marketers often think that these intuitive bots of great resource to the visitors. However, the truth is these over-pitched boxes of annoyance are no less than a knot of air in the neck. Act like a smart marketer and keep the minimum use of chatbots in the website.

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  1. Way Too Much of Information

Going overboard with information with lots of persuasion is another feature you need to pay heed. People are not in the dire need of wiki knowledge. So, serve them that is required. Provide value-added content keeping precision.

That’s a wrap. Consider all these points and get on the right track when it comes to a perfect web design Toronto.

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