9 Mistakes in Web Design to Drive Your Visitors Away

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Mistakes are not always pardonable, especially if you commit them in your website design. Not to mention, marketers are aware of the heinous effects of poor web design. Hence, they always prefer hiring a web design and development Canada in order to avoid any sort of misdeed.

However, in spite of professional touch, websites can be substandard. Lack of expertise and proper implementation of essential elements attribute to poor website design. Below given are the most common mistakes in web design that may cost you.

  1. Slow Loading Website

Site speed in 2019 is a very much an integral part of a website design. This is because Google considers speed as a major ranking factor. However, people have a tendency to ignore such important aspects due to lack of prior knowledge.

According to statistics, for each second required to load a page, a marketer loses hundreds of visitors. In fact, the conversion rate takes a dip by up to 7 percent when the site is slower than usual. Unwanted plugins, ineffective themes kill the speed. Upgrade to newer versions to shoot the speed. For this, you need to hire the best web design and development Canada with adequate experience.

  1. Substandard Layout

The main purpose of a website is to promote a brand in the most functional way. In order to make a site functional, it must possess proper layout for rendering the users an ease-of-browsing. Unfortunately, marketers sporadically neglect the fact. And as a consequence, they fail to retain a broader customer base with little or zero leads. Make sure to put in all the necessary elements in the menu layouts to proffer the visitors improved user experience.

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  1. Lack of SEO

Search engine optimization is the best form of internet marketing to leverage any online business. Marketers, who don’t incorporate the best practices of SEO, fail to reach their clients amidst the cutthroat competition.

So, if a website is not optimized, people can never achieve quality traffic and leads. If you are planning to ignore the power of SEO, avoid the temerity. Always remember, proper SEO is the key to establish a sturdy presence online. Get its advantages.

  1. No CTA

A site without a good call-to-action tone can never have sufficient conversion. Not to mention, without conversion, an online business eventually dies out. Broadly speaking, right CTA can be an excellent part of the online marketing philosophy to convert prospects into customers.

Therefore, if you do not desire to miss out on the customer base, implement accurate CTA as required. Make sure to keep them subtle and avoid overuse too as this may create a sense of irritability amongst the users.

  1. Irrelevant Information

Irrelevance can never be marketed as art. However, this is what multiple marketers tend to do. In order to go the extra mile, they put irrelevant information on the site which doesn’t orient with their businesses. Thus, they lose a huge amount of traffic. It is always advisable to marshal important and relevant pieces of information that will provide users with the best benefits. 

  1. Less Security

Many websites often spotted online without any valid HTTPS certificate. Such sites are usually accredited as unsafe for users and search engines notify them about the same. For those sites that lack HTTP certificates are potentially harmful due to data breach.

Work with an estimable web design and development Canada that have substantial knowledge in cybersecurity. Usually, most of the professional hosting platforms have the plugins to secure a site.

  1. Improper Fonts and Colors

Font and colors are the two primary aspects of website design. Speaking of font, it enhances the overall readability of a website. So, improper and irregular shaped fonts can totally ruin a site’s readability leaving the visitors frustrated. Secondly, an unsightly color scheme also ravages a website’s beauty.

Therefore, choose a quirky yet formal font and attractive color scheme to ameliorate the look and feel of your website.

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  1. Not Responsiveness

If a website is not responsive in 2019, your target audience will not be responsive towards your brand. A lot of businessmen often ignore the fact of making a site mobile-first and thus lose both the potentials and customers. Never let that happen in your case.

  1. Poor Content

Poor and outdated content is also a gross error that people tend to commit. Needless to say, websites with thin content can never make it to the SERPs. So, make sure to update the website with 100% original & quality content integrated with proper keywords.

Final Thoughts

Once you ditch these mistakes and conquer the basics of required tactics in web design, you can own an impeccable and functional site for your business. However, make sure to decide on the best web design and development Canada. With the right mixture of expertise and skill, the professionals can make your site user-friendly drawing more traffic.

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