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Brampton Web Design & Web Development Company


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Corporate Website Design

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Ecommerce Websites

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Custom Web Development


Many of our clients have combined our Brampton web design and development services with other specialties such as SEO, PPC and copywriting for a full digital marketing strategy.

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Brampton Auto

Copywriting / PPC / Web Design / Web Development

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Perfect Dental Implant

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Copywriting / PPC / SEO / Web Design / Web Development

Canadian Health Recovery Centre

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Copywriting / PPC / SEO / Web Design


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Toronto Cosmetic

Copywriting / Web Design / Web Development

Atom Booster

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Aero Airport

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Floor Expo

Web Design / Web Development

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Niagara Tour Service

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Immigration Way

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David Genis

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Flashy websites are cool. RESULTS ARE BETTER.

Before & After Redesigns

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.


We use a team approach, consolidating our web designers, developers, inbound marketing professionals and copywriters, as needed, to create each client’s one-of-a-kind website.

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Phase 1

Project Architecture

Phase 2

Content Creation

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Phase 3

Website Design

Phase 4

Website Development

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Phase 5


Boost Your Business with a New Website.

Web Design Brampton:

Marketing Website Design

The intention of every marketing website is to increase traffic and convert visitors. At Edkent Media, we build your website based on your company’s marketing goals to maximize the overall impact and reach of your brand.


We optimize our websites to rank on search engines, such as Google and Bing, and attract to leads. When websites are built with the intention to improve your marketing and generate more leads, the opportunity for business success skyrockets. At Edkent Media, we build our websites around search-optimized content and keywords research. Calls to action are placed throughout the website copy to entice visitors to click, increasing your conversion of prospects to visitors. But that’s not all. All of our Brampton web design and optimization is done based on measurable data.

Stand-Out Designs

Our web designs are created with the intention to stand out. We build websites that are visually appealing and immediately impressive. At Edkent Media, our main goal is to build you a website that accomplishes your company’s primary objectives. Our Brampton web design strategy is built not only be aesthetically pleasing but also produce the results that your company wants. We have built marketing for hundreds of industries and we are always discovering new ones as they come along.

Updates & Management

We create websites that look great for the consumer but are also easy to update and manage from the backend. At Edkent Media, we customize your newly built website around your goals. But we don’t just build the site and hand it back to you. We are available to add new content, such as web pages, blog posts or white papers, to ensure its ranking remains on the first page.  Our go-to content management system is WordPress because of its user-friendly interface and functions.

Web Design Brampton:

Ecommerce Web Design

At Edkent Media, we build ecommerce websites that improve user experience, enhance usability and exploit up-sell opportunities. Not to mention they are designed to be appealing to the eye as well – because you can’t someone to convert if your website makes a bad first impression.

Maximize Sales

Our web design Brampton team builds websites around your company’s objectives and optimization for higher conversion rates. Your website should be easy for your visitors to convert to customers. We influence prospects’ psychology to develop a sense of urgency that inspires them to take action. And with that, your website visitor has turned into a sale.  By combining the psychology of your ideal customer and the proven results we have discovered, building a website has turned into an art and a science.

Attract Traffic

Edkent Media’s ecommerce web development experts create websites that appear in more searches because they are optimized to rank and attract traffic. Our goal is to bring more qualified and targeted visitors to your company’s website. It’s the relevance to a person’s search term that will encourage them to click on your site’s link. It’s this type of targeted traffic that your web content is catered to, resulting in a higher overall conversion rate and more sales for your company.

Track, Test and Analyze

We build our ecommerce websites with the intention to track, test, and analyze its data. Our team implements Google Analytics and several other tracking tools in order to track visitor behaviour, interaction levels, and revenue. With the integration of these systems, your company will never have to question if your investment in an ecommerce web design and development. You will always have a clear indication of your metrics, data, and analytics since Edkent Media provides monthly reports to keep you informed.

Web Design Brampton:

Web Content Writing

How your web content is written and displayed says a lot about your company’s overall brand and story. It’s how the content and design interact that attract and influence your ideal customer to your website. Successful content development includes relevant topics, consistent language and the way you address your visitors. Edkent Media’s web content writing services are the perfect mix of our proven process and your digital marketing strategy.

Defining Your Brand

Website visitors judge brands based on their content. In order to earn their trust, you have to have a consistent voice online. To enhance your brand’s voice, we use descriptive adjectives to personify your brand into trustworthy web copy. When your brand has a unique voice, it provides you the ability to speak directly to your customers and allows your customers to truly trust your company.

Crafting Content

Our web content and web design Brampton services strike the balance between engaging content and stunning designs. We take the time to write web content as it should be – brief, specific but scannable, and surrounded by white space. We pay close attention to the details and formatting to further encourage visitors to convert on your website.

Aligning Content with Strategy

At Edkent Media, we work with you to ensure that all our content is aligned with your internet marketing goals. When landing on a website, every visitor has come to your company’s website in search of something. It’s our job as your web content team to provide them what they are seeking. We craft our content so that it is aligned and on message with your overall internet marketing strategy. Our web content writing team ensures that the content is consistent and best represents your brand. Because when visitors sense consistency, it builds trusts.

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