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Many of our clients have combined our Burlington web design and development services with other specialties such as SEO, PPC and copywriting for a full digital marketing strategy.

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Copywriting / PPC / SEO / Web Design / Web Development


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SEO / Web Design


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David Genis

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.


We use a team approach, consolidating our web designers, developers, inbound marketing professionals and copywriters, as needed, to create each client’s one-of-a-kind website.

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Phase 1

Project Architecture

Phase 2

Content Creation

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Phase 3

Website Design

Phase 4

Website Development

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.

Web Design Burlington:

Strategy & Architecture

At Edkent Media, we build customized and unique websites to meet your company’s inbound marketing goals. When we create a high-quality website, we take the development through a number of stages, starting with a strategy.

Discovery & Strategy – Every Burlington web design project starts with the discovery and strategy phase. During this phase, our team of web strategists, web designers, account managers and technical managers start their research. This involves determining your company’s value, goals for the project, competitive landscape and keywords the website should be structured around. We dive further into our research by determining your target audience, developing buyer personas and performing a strategic business analysis. When the discovery and strategy phase is complete, our team has a completion timeline, an in-depth project plan, and an overall web strategy. The website strategy created at this stage will be at the core of your website’s design and development throughout the entire process. We will present our strategy to you to ensure that it is aligned with your company’s goals, values, and objectives.

Information Architecture & UX Planning  – Once we have identified your company’s target audience and value differentiation, we move the project further into the user experience (UX) and information architecture (IA) phase. This is the blueprint phase of your website development. Our team of web specialists determines the user path flows, website layout, functionalities, and features. This is crucial to your company’s website because proper architecture will increase your visitors’ experience and guide them through the website towards the calls-to-action that are displayed, increasing your company’s chance of conversion.

Web Design Burlington:

Design & Development

Once the strategy and website architecture are complete, our web design team starts to bring your website to life. At Edkent Media, we design and develop our websites in a way that make them stand out.

Creative Design  – After the UX & IA team have submitted their framework for your company’s website, the graphic and web designers take over. Our graphic design team creates a mock-up of your website to ensure that you are satisfied with the progression of your website. This mock-up will help you understand and feel the tone of your website. It allows you to see the design elements in an easily digestible way. Changes can be easily completed in this phase to ensure your website is portraying what you want to your site’s visitors. Once you have given the mock-up your stamp of approval, we move onto the coding and development phased of your website.

Coding & Development – Once you are content with your website’s design, our web development team moves forward to take it from a visual to an interactive element. All of the front end coding is completed using HTML5 best practices. The content management system (CMS) used in the backend development of your website is fully customizable to ensure the functionality is to your liking. Once the desktop version is complete, we ensure that it is responsive on all devices, including smart phones and tablets. This is an important function of your website since the majority of search queries start from mobile devices. If your website was not equipped to support these devices, you would be losing on potential business.

Web Design Burlington:

QA & Optimization

Just because your website has been coded and looks functional does not mean it is ready to launch. At Edkent Media, we take the extra step of quality assurance and optimization before we confirm that your website is running at its highest capacity.

Quality Assurance & Testing  – When we say we make high-quality, professional websites, we do not just mean its overall look. Although the design of the website is important, so is its functionality. We put all of our websites through an in-depth quality assurance testing process. This process includes ensuring the pages properly and quickly on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. We also implement security measures to your website’s backend and make sure you websites are performing properly for search engine optimization (SEO). Once launched, SEO will become a key part of your company’s overall inbound marketing strategy. Numerous members of the team perform these quality assurance tests to make sure that nothing is missed and the best quality will be launched in the next phase.

Launch & Optimization – After our extensive testing during the QA phase, one of our system administrators will take your new website live. From there, another test is performed to make sure that your customized website is functioning as it was designed. During the early stages of launching your website, we have a team monitoring user behaviours and analyzing how to improve performance to increase conversion rates, repeat visits and time on site metrics. Based on these user behaviours, we are able to further strategize ways to enhance the website and perform A/B testing to see which method works best.

Web Design Burlington:

Ecommerce Websites

At Edkent Media, our clients’ ecommerce websites have worldwide reach and interaction. When developing an ecommerce website, our web development team knows how to incorporate essential features to increase the likeliness of conversion.

Product Details – It’s crucial to provide extensive details about your products in a concise, clean manner. If this information is missing, customers may start to feel uncertain about completing their purchase. If your product goes out of order, we suggest allowing customers to sign up to be notified when the product becomes available. This reduces the chance that your customer will go to a competitor.

Shopping Cart – When customers put an item into their shopping carts, it is important to display the cart in a window on the page and updates with more products as the customers shop. This provides an excellent user experience for the transition from shopping to purchase is seamless and smooth. Some customers add items to their shopping carts without the intention of buying them. Rather than making them choose between buying and deleting the product, give them the option to save the product for later.

Shipping Options – Any successful ecommerce website avoids using a flat rate for shipping. Customers may want different shipping methods for products to arrive immediately or a slower shipping timeframe. Give your customers the opportunity to calculate their shipping costs from their shopping cart before going through the full checkout process.

Payment Confirmation – After customers have submitted payment, direct them to a payment confirmation page and send them an email with a receipt of their payment. We also suggest proving your customers a tracking number once their order has been shipped to delivery.

Web Design Burlington:

Responsive Design

Responsive website design is essential to reaching your entire customer base. Whether you have customers visiting your website from their desktop or while they’re on-the-go, user experience needs to be optimized. If a website is responsive, it can dynamically re-size itself for tablet, desktop and mobile users to make sure your website is easy to use on any device. So why is a responsive website design needed for your website?

Increasing Mobile Usage – Web usage on mobile devices is growing at a rapid rate, which presents your company an enormous opportunity for sales. If your website is not responsive for mobile devices, your company is missing out on numerous business opportunities. At Edkent Media, our responsive website designs deliver results from tablet, desktop and mobile users. We ensure that your website is responsive and provides an excellent user experience for your visitors.

Time and Cost – When your website is responsive, it becomes efficient in development cost and time. Responsive website development allows you us to optimize your online business with a single design for all devices. When this approach isn’t taken, separate time and resources have to be used to build a separate mobile website.

Best Practices for Ranking – When it comes to making your website search engine friendly and mobile friendly, a responsive web design is preferred. If your website is optimized for all screen sizes, it is easier for search engines to understand your content and as a result, they will rank you higher.

Web Design Burlington:

Marketing and Branding

When you are preparing for the redesign or creation of a new website, it is important to think about the design, branding and potential marketing methods. We are here to support you and answer any questions you have during the entire process.

Design & Development – At Edkent Media, our business consultants take the time to help you find the best way to design and develop your company’s website. With input from our entire web design team, we can provide you a full scope of how your business can be successful online. When we design and develop your website, we take the time to fully understand your business to make sure that all your requirements are being met.

Branding – We ensure that your company’s branding is fully transferred over to your online presence. Our creative strategists are able to communicate your brand in a way that is will engage and excite your target demographic. When your company’s branding matches both online and offline, it creates a level of trust between your company and your prospects, customers and website visitors. When you develop this trust with the consumers, the chance of a conversion significantly increases.

Marketing – There are numerous online marketing opportunities to help market your website. Our goal at Edkent Media is not to just drive traffic to your website but to ensure this traffic is highly-qualified, engages with your website and yields conversions or sales. Our inbound marketing strategy has been extremely successful with our clients, combining search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click marketing.

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