Everything You Need to Know About Bounce Rate

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Bounce rate is easily one of the most vital metrics that online marketers need to be familiar with. Sites with a high bounce rate are certainly the bane of any marketers. Companies and marketers who wish to establish a brand online must give due attention to this particular metric to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Marketers often hire a Canada website design company to do away with the ado related to bounce routes. However, before you delve into the solutions first, here comes a detailed account of bounce rate.

Definition and Beyond

In the simplest terms, bounce rate is a sort of web analytics which helps in measuring and understanding the visitors’ behavior within a website. A bounce rate pops up whenever a visitor or multiple users leave a site without going into further interaction. So, the bounce rate of your website will give you data and in depth empirical values of the visitor who bounce off from it.

The fact is that the internet overlord Google has set a few standards over the past few years in order to keep a check on this bounce rate. So, Google generally considers an interaction when the user visits at least one extra page for a few seconds. Needless to say, the rate obtained from an analysis is imperative for Google Analytics to render relevant data.

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The calculation of bounce rate is pretty much straightforward. The rate is calculated by a visitor’s exit without any interaction divided by the total number of visitors. In this context, people usually mix bounce rate with exit rate. Well, broadly speaking the confusion is comprehensible. So, you need to keep in mind that all bounces are exits, but all exits are not bounces.

What does High Bounce Rate Mean?

One needs to have nerves of steel to face the effect of consistent high bounce rates. An inflating bounce rate signifies a phase, when users leave a site without doing least interaction. According to the statistics given by the top Canada website design company, mainly poorly designed sites tend to have more bounce rate.

Therefore, it is always recommended to hire a professional design company to deal with such unwanted predicaments. Chances are improved engagement is absolutely feasible if proper actions are taken.

How to fix it?

You have two options to fix the issue of inflating bounce rate. They are:

  • By  appointing a leading  Canada website design company to make the site
  • By contacting a professional web design agency after the site is in action

The main thing is that a good part of the solution depends on the website design. Here come some self-explanatory solutions you need to implement to chuck the high bounce rate:

  1. Make the Site Responsive

In 2019, a website which is not mobile-friendly is the main den to have more and more bounce rate. It is said that 78% of the search queries come from mobile phones. So, if you are planning to own a site which is not responsive, get ready to acquire a huge number of bounce rates. Appoint a popular Canada website design company to get it done for you.

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  1. Improve Content Quality

Quality content is the most viable option to cut down the bounce rate. Users are bound to adhere to your site if they find value-added information sufficing their query needs. Moreover, the content should be readable at once for the users while they browse your site.

  1. Excellent UX

Marketers who bombard their sites with annoying elements and tools experience substantial bounce rates. Don’t be one of them. Seamless user experience is what users prefer. In order to provide the same, you must give the visitors ease-of-navigation.

  1. Speed is Important

Slow loading site is definitely a poison that kills a website in no time. Needless to say, bounce rates in such cases are an unavoidable side effect. So, implement the necessary elements of speed to reduce the rate.

  1. Proper Meta tags

Misleading or improper meta tags can also amplify the bounce rate of your website. Never ever let that happen. Summarize the meta tags in accordance with the website content with relevant keywords to impress the search bots.

  1. Avoid Unwanted Popups

A popup is an evil necessity to a website. Unwanted popups with their fleeting presence have the power to sweep out a good number of users from a site. Don’t add excessive pop ups and ruin the flow of user experience. These kill the user interaction and compel them to leave a site (sometimes forever). So, keep the popups at their staged place and never go overboard with them.

Final Thoughts

That’s all in a nutshell. You can considerably decrease the bounce rate by implementing all these tactics on your site. And to get it done in an accurate form, hire a superior Canada website design company.

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