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Many of our clients have combined our Mississauga web design and development services with other specialties such as SEO, PPC and copywriting for a full digital marketing strategy.

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David Genis

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.


We use a team approach, consolidating our web designers, developers, inbound marketing professionals and copywriters, as needed, to create each client’s one-of-a-kind website.

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Phase 1

Project Architecture

Phase 2

Content Creation

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.

Web Design Mississauga:

The Design

At Edkent Media, our web design and development team takes the time to craft a web design that best represents your company’s brand. We work with you understand your company’s goals and objectives to make sure our design best suits the message you are trying to portray to your target audience.

Carefully Crafted Designs – We start the website design process with a mock up from our graphic designer. It’s this extra step that makes Edkent Media stand out amongst our competition. A carefully crafted, fully thought-out design is what attracts potential customers since websites have now evolved to the face of your business online. The organization, overall look and the information displayed on your web design are essential. This is because most of our potential customers will judge their buying decision based on the above criteria.  

Clean Modern Code – Our talented team of web developers know that in order for a website to stay relevant, they must use modern and clean coding methods. The reason we use these coding methods is to make sure your website is scalable. It also allows us to build on the code over time as your company continues to expand and grow. When working with clean, modern code, our Mississauga web design and development team ensure your website is optimized so that search engines can find it and so it loads quickly.

Mobile Website Design – Every website we develop goes through an optimization process to make sure it is compatible with tablet and phone devices. Search engines now rank websites higher when they are built to b mobile responsive. If your website is not responsive or does not accommodate these devices, your website’s ranking will rank significantly lower in search results in comparison to your competitor’s fully responsive website.

Web Design Mississauga:

The Approach

Some web design companies in Mississauga simply design your website and expect you to handle the rest. Edkent Media has a different approach. In order to enhance our clients’ websites, we suggest a full inbound marketing strategy to take your business to an entirely new level. It’s this process that contributes to the overall growth and success of your company. And Edkent Media will be there every step of the way.

Personalized Approach – At Edkent Media, we value every client and prospect who wants to work with us. We take a personalized approach when understanding your company’s goals and needs. We develop your current ideas further when developing and designing your new website. Whether your company requires a new web design or just a redesign, our goal at Edkent Media is to make sure your online identity and presence are reflective that of your offline business. It is important to show this cohesiveness to your customers and prospects to develop a level of trust with them.

Continuous Support – We take the time to provide a helping hand to during the creation and design of your website. We provide the best possible service we can during the design process and after the website has been completed. Each one of our clients gets a dedicated account manager to ensure quick responses to your questions. Your account manager will provide you with progression reports of your project that inform you of what’s been done and what the next steps in the project are. This is done to make sure everyone is on the same page and that the project runs smoothly.

Return on Investment – At Edkent Media, it is important that the websites we develop surpass your company’s ROI goals and that it will generate high-quality leads. Based on your company’s goals, we create conversion points on your new website that to exceed those goals. To us, return on investment is the most important measure for success.

Web Design Mississauga:

Website Audit

The website audit is the first step in every successful web project we take on. At Edkent Media, we assess your current website and locate the opportunities for improvement. When performing a website audit, we are able to understand your website’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps to simplify the planning required for your new website.

Confirm Business Goals – We take the time to confirm your company’s goals. These goals can vary from producing more leads and obtaining prospect emails to signing up for a newsletter and becoming a member.  We use this knowledge to evaluate your current website and make the appropriate recommendations to improve it. When digital strategies and brick-and-mortar strategies align, the opportunity for success and customer trust levels increase.

Technical Audit – We review information that is critical to website performance such as URL and link structure, website loading speed and quality of your website’s backlinks. Your website needs to look great, but that doesn’t mean any if it does not function properly. We take the extra step to understand what works on your website, what does not work and how to improve the website as a whole.

Design Audit – Our design audit assesses visual elements, brand, and usability. We review and evaluate the user experience on your website, with a key focus on visitor navigation. At this point, we examine the conversion elements and where they are placed. From there, we suggest ways to improve your website’s conversion rate and enhance your brand presence online.  

Content Audit – At Edkent Media, we review all of your website’s top level pages. During this review, we make sure that keywords are placed properly across headers and evaluate supporting videos and images. We also suggest ways to improve your website’s content, such as replacing images or adding in more testimonials/case studies.

Web Design Mississauga:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a central element to every new website’s SEO design and plan, and the overall development of the website. Utilizing this research increases traffic levels and converts your visitors into customers and is your website’s greatest inbound marketing tool. This research process aligns your website’s content with the SEO topics that people are searching for online. When you know what your visitors are searching for, you are able to develop content that they will enjoy.

Planning Pages – Using keywords on your website make sure that your content is relevant to its visitors. People are searching for answers online all the time. But, will these potential customers end up on your website or your competitor’s website? By taking the time to do keyword research, our content team is able to create content strategically to reach more people.

Building Your Sitemap – The keywords relating to your industry define the content structure for your new website, creating the sitemap in the process. Your sitemap is the foundation for your entire website. It indicates what pages are needed and the path that your visitors must take to navigate the website. We assign key topics to each of your new web pages to make sure your visitors are able to find exactly what they were looking for.

Attracting More Visitors – At Edkent Media, we use keywords to connect the visitors who are coming to your website. This will help your website to show up in more online searches and, ultimately, attract more visitors. Customer trust is built when we align your web pages with keywords and format your content to reflect these phrases. Keywords also guide your website’s visitors towards targeted calls-to-action that will help encourage engagement in the buyer’s journey and increase revenue levels for your company.

Web Design Mississauga:

Persona Research

A successful is able to engage and encourage a visitor to take action and process them along the buyer’s journey. In order to create an engaging website, it is important for web designers to know who the target audience is. After a buyer persona is created, the design and content can be properly developed to reach that target audience.

Understanding Your Visitors – When web personas are created, specialized content can be written and designs can be created to properly engage your niche target audience. We develop personas to identify a visitor’s challenges, motivations, and expectations. By knowing who we are trying to reach, we are able to develop content that will answer their top questions and encourage them to buy your product.

Answer Top Questions – At Edkent Media, our Mississauga web design team takes the time to understand what people really need and want. Based on web personas, we are able to identify want your ideal customer is looking for and create a targeted experience around it. When your website has targeted content, visitors eliminate their doubts and gain trust in your company.

Targeted Empathy – Web personas help us define your website’s requirements. Your website needs to be designed in a way that is relevant for your audience. We make sure that all content, features, layout, navigation, and design are targeted to your specific audience. Taking this extra step helps to maximize conversion and ROI for your business.

Identify Motivations and Dreams – Getting to know your visitors on a personal level does wonders for your business. When we develop personas, we give them names, titles, wishes, dream, and needs. We build your site to meet those needs and take the guesswork out of your website. This is what Edkent Media excels at and is not a technique that every other web design Mississauga company does.

Web Design Mississauga:

Conversion Rate Optimization

A successful website must accomplish two things, attract visitors and compel them to take the appropriate action. The factors are tracked by assessing the conversion and traffic rates. The sole purpose of conversion rate optimization is to increase conversion.

Concise Communication – If your content is written and placed properly, it should only take your visitors a few seconds to understand what your company does and why it should matter to them. At Edkent Media, we build and design websites that instantly communicate with your visitors. We provide your visitors value in the headlines and visuals as well as making the benefits of working with or buying from your company explicit and obvious.

Provide Social Proof – You can take all day about how great your business is and people will just see it as marketing. It’s when you have one of your clients or customers say something about you that it becomes social proof. People trust other people’s opinions. To ensure there is social proof on your website, we add evidence to each marketing claim and ensure that each claim is supported appropriately.

Make People Convert – Conversion is all about successful psychology. At Edkent Media, we leverage this psychology to communicate with your website visitors on an emotional level. We do this by triggering a sense of urgency in our web copy. It is when the visitors feel the urgency that conversions happen. We write tailored content to ensure people do not become distracted. It is the content that guides your visitors to your call-to-action, but we take the extra step and give them a reason to click.

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