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Custom Web Development


Many of our clients have combined our Oakville web design and development services with other specialties such as SEO, PPC and copywriting for a full digital marketing strategy.

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Brampton Auto

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Perfect Dental Implant

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Canadian Health Recovery Centre

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Floor Expo

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David Genis

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One Stop Appliance

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Copywriting / PPC / SEO / Web Design / Web Development

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Before & After Redesigns

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.


We use a team approach, consolidating our web designers, developers, inbound marketing professionals and copywriters, as needed, to create each client’s one-of-a-kind website.

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Phase 1

Project Architecture

Phase 2

Content Creation

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Phase 3

Website Design

Phase 4

Website Development

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.

Web Design Oakville:

Revive, Re-energize and Renew

In today’s fast-paced world, face-to-face interaction is at a minimum. This makes having a great website crucial to the success of your company. Your website is your representation on the internet, so why not make that first impression a good one? Regardless if you are a small business, work independently or are a large enterprise, your company’s website has to express your company’s brand and what your company stands for.

This is where Edkent Media and its Oakville web design services come in. We are an internet marketing company that specializes in web design and development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and social media marketing.

When you have your website designed or redesigned, it’s important to have a finished product that showcases what your company has to offer. Other crucial elements of an Oakville web design include the website’s aesthetics, user-friendliness and use of highly searched and relevant keywords. These elements are top of mind when we code and create your websites, ensuring your website is working overtime at all times. At Edkent Media, we aim to not just meeting your expectations but to wow you with the final website product and what possibilities lay ahead for its conversion potential.

When companies contact us for our Oakville web design services, they typically come on board for a whole inbound marketing strategy. This provides our team at Edkent Media with the ability to make your website perform to the best of its capabilities. And who wouldn’t want that?

When you work with us, your company gets a dedicated account manager and an operations team who are each experts in their particular field. In order to get the best results, you need to work with the best web design Oakville company. Contact us today to see how we can start boosting your presence online.

Web Design Oakville:

Digital Creation and Design

At Edkent Media, we provide a variety of services for start-ups, small businesses and larger enterprises. Over the years, we have been able to consolidate our services to make sure we remain experts within the digital space. If you are looking for a specific design or functionality for your website, get in touch with one our web development specialists to see what we can do for you.

Oakville Web Design & Development

Your website is your 24/7 salesman. When you make a small investment in your website design, it will pay dividends for years in the future.

When you don’t have a professional website, you risk losing your potential clients’ attention within seconds. Edkent Media is dedicated to providing you a website that is high-quality, engaging and creates an online experience for your website visitors. Your company will have a good presence that captivates visitors and makes a lasting impression on them.

Website Makeover

Do you already have a website? Not a problem, book a consultation with our Oakville web design consultants to ensure your website gets a makeover it deserves. As you know, your company’s website is your company’s face online, and a well-executed and well-designed website makes the difference between a prospect doing business with you or your competitor.

Website Maintenance

On top of delivering a superior product, we also provide excellent customer service in the form of website maintenance. A crucial part of having an effective website is ensuring its constantly being maintained and updated. Our web development team is at the ready to discuss any changes required to your website and implementing those changes in a timely manner.

Google loves when company’s websites are updated on a reoccurring basis. If you leave your website stagnant for months on end, it can result in the demotion of your website and its inner pages. When you let Edkent Media handle your website maintenance to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Web Design Oakville:

Conversion and Analytics

Our website designs are built for maximum performance online. When the time and effort is being put into your Oakville web design, you want to ensure that it’s ranking well on search engines, such as Google and Bing, so customers, prospects, and clients are able to find it.

Website Conversion

Now that you have a newly designed website, there are questions that need to be asked.

  • How is it performing?
  • Are website visitors converting or is there a high bounce rate?
  • What calls-to-action are being used on your website?
  • Are there any nonverbal messages that your web design is conveying?

These are the conversion figures that must be determined to optimize in time. This is why the web design and development team builds websites with positive actions in mind. At Edkent Media, we focus on creating a website that revolves around your company’s approach and marketing goals. The better your website performs the better return on investment your company will receive.

Web Design Analytics

Once your website is up and running, you need to be able to analyze its design and traffic flow. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many visitors is your website getting?
  • What source are these visitors coming from?
  • What do the visitors look at when they get to the website?
  • What elements do visitors click on?
  • How long do visitors stay on your website?

We are able to monitor all these elements through analytics. We gather this information to adjust particular parts of your websites based on user experience rather than from past results. This is a reoccurring process that refines your search engine optimization, conversion performance, and link building efforts. Contact Edkent Media to see how a new optimized website will benefit your business.

Web Design Oakville:

SEO and Performance

The Oakville web design services at Edkent Media are second to none. But if you pair up your website with our search engine optimization (SEO) services, your website’s potential skyrocket.

Website design and SEO actually go hand in hand. When websites are built with unfriendly or un-optimized computer code, problems start to occur. Your website may look great, but it’s not going to get your any new business. But when you pair Edkent Media’s Oakville web design services and SEO, the possibilities are endless.

Problems such as the wrong HTML code, scripts, simple mistakes or fancy flash elements are all it takes to get your website blocked from search engine crawlers.  When a crawler finds these errors, it stops dead in its tracks. If this occurs, the pages on your website and its contents are not even indexed. This means it’s like they do not exist.

Why spend time and money on a new website when it won’t even be seen? Contact Edkent Media today to avoid this from happening.

At Edkent Media, we build your company a website that not only looks great but also produces results because it was search engine optimized.  If you are going to spend the money on your business and driving online traffic to your website, you need to ensure you have a great website. It’s the solid SEO processes that our traffic team puts into your website that allows it to perform well and convert prospects into customers along the way.

Ready for your business to get the attention it deserves? Contact Edkent Media to see how our Oakville web design services will help.

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