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Custom Web Development


Many of our clients have combined our Scarborough web design and development services with other specialties such as SEO, PPC and copywriting for a full digital marketing strategy.

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Niagara Tour Service

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Brampton Auto

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Immigration Way

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Canadian Health Recovery Centre

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David Genis

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Floor Expo

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Aero Airport

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Flashy websites are cool. RESULTS ARE BETTER.

Before & After Redesigns

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Boost Your Business with a New Website.


We use a team approach, consolidating our web designers, developers, inbound marketing professionals and copywriters, as needed, to create each client’s one-of-a-kind website.

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Phase 1

Project Architecture

Phase 2

Content Creation

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Phase 3

Website Design

Phase 4

Website Development

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Phase 5


Boost Your Business with a New Website.

Web Design Scarborough:

Web Design and Development

In order to be successful in today’s marketplace, your company needs to have a strong online presence. And what starts that presence off on the right foot? A professionally designed website.

We build well-designed websites to help legitimize your business, provide information to existing customers, and attract new customers. A website helps with your company’s brand strategy and keeps your company current.

At Edkent Media, we specialize in designing high converting websites that customers like to interact with. After consideration of your brand identity, product, and key competitors, we build a website that is easy to navigate, visually appealing and optimized for search engines. Whether your website is outdated or you’re starting from scratch, Edkent Media can design you a website that your company and your customers will love.

But having a website that is only accessible on desktop devices does not work anymore. Everyone searches the internet via their smart phones on a daily basis. You have likely come across a website that does not display itself properly on your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry. This will cause your website visitors nothing but frustration.

What many web design companies in Scarborough fail to recognize is that designing a website that looks visually appealing on your computer screen is different from designing a website that is mobile friendly. If your company wants to reach every business opportunity possible, you need to ensure your website is mobile friendly so that your customers can access it from wherever they are.

Is your website ready for an update? Contact us to book a consultation and see what a new website can do for your company’s revenue.

Web Design Scarborough:

Inbound Marketing

Once your website has been updated and optimized, the next step is to integrate an inbound marketing strategy for your company.

Through the four stages of a buyer’s journey —attract, convert, close and delight — your inbound marketing process is put in place to guide customers along.

During the attracting stage, our goal is to increase your website visitors using social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing and content marketing. Getting your customers to your site leads you into the converting stage. Conversion is increased with compelling content that guides your visitors to properly placed calls-to-actions. Once your customers are in the sales funnel, we make sure that the closing stage is a simple as possible. This is done through ensuring payment methods are functioning and prices are clearly labeled on the website. Just because your website closed a customer does not mean that your relationship with them is over. If you want these customers to buy from your company again or become brand ambassadors, you need to delight them. This can be done by initiating an email series to keep customers informed about your latest products and sales and, every once in a while, throwing in a personalized coupon or discount.

Are you looking to increase your company’s online presence? Contact us to book a consultation and see how an inbound marketing strategy will affect your return on investment.

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