Your website portrays your brand and does convey a lot about yourself when a visitor views it. It paves the way for meaningful conversations and generates important business inquiries.

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Responsive Websites Ready For All Device

Not only are we are a seo Toronto experts, We also create beautifully designed sites with conversion rate optimization in mind. Modern day marketers find the need to be significantly visible online and yet fail to pay attention to the element that lays the foundation to it all. Quite often websites are made without an actual reasoning behind the design and this leads to results that aren’t satisfactory. With no clear end goal in mind, quite often marketers tend to quickly finish off the task of designing sites and proceed to other activities that are quite often perceived to be more important.

Expert Toronto Web Designers

We’ve designed websites that have helped many businesses establish a strong presence online by providing customized websites. These websites not only display your brand in good light but it also helps to create a certain level of interest in the visitor’s mind. We design sites for businesses after evaluating their business, the industry they are part of and of course the buyer’s persona. Website designs are of two types- dynamic and static. While design and aesthetics are important to a website and contributes to a visitor friendly experience, factors such as lead generation capabilities also need to be considered. Keeping in mind the global presence a website gives your brand; you cannot afford to overlook it and must be viewed as a crucial element of brand identity. Having a powerful site with persuasive content is imperative for any business to grow. By displaying relevant information not only are you adding value to every visitor but your site grows in authority and Google acknowledges this growth that helps in building an effective SEO strategy.



Visually Appealing Websites

At Edkent Media, we have a systematic approach to web design. Basis our research and understanding of the market, we share multiple options with our client. Clients have the liberty to share their opinion and the inputs are most sought after since it helps us deliver a better end product. We also keep in mind technical aspects such as loading speed & mobile optimization. Our web design team provides professional services that help build a site which helps build a brand identity. Not only do we create visually appealing websites, but we make sure they are optimized for the best conversion rates so that you can consistently get more leads.

SEO Friendly Websites

By adding elements such as on page optimization, our services help in laying the foundation to an effective SEO strategy. By using the right combination of images, color, design, font size and layout, you can drive a significant and consistent volume of traffic to your website. Most modern brands are building an increased presence online with a greater presence on social media and inevitably you would want to divert all visitors to your website to convert them. With our approach to web design service, we ensure that your website displays brand legitimacy and authority that attracts the visitors. The website plays an important role in the customer buying journey.

Jay B. October 20, 2016

“Having run a few PPC campaigns with my previous marketing agency I was a little apprehensive when I approached Edkent Media. They didn’t disappoint however and they successfully executed paid campaigns for my organization. Most importantly, they ensure that the campaign is tracked and monitored at all times. They are a very tech savvy group and it's good to know that my advertising budget is in safe hands.”

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