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We combine knowledge, technology and creativity to design engaging and eye-catching websites that increase brand engagement and generate higher conversion rates with our in-house Toronto web design & development team!

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Edkent Media’s Web Design Toronto and SEO Toronto team creates attractive, lead-generating websites that situate our clients as leaders in their specific industries.


We are a Toronto web design agency that invests in a WordPress CMS design process paired with clean layouts and compelling content. This helps your company convey a one-of-a-kind story.


We are one of the few web design companies that protect shopping cart performance for online purchases of services and products — no matter the size of your online store.


We incorporate complex components to enable API connections, interactive behaviors, community tools and data-rich member profiles, which not many web design agencies look into.


As a renowned website design company in Toronto, we use a team approach. We consolidate our web designers, developers, inbound marketing professionals and copywriters, as needed, to create each client’s one-of-a-kind website.

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Phase 1

Project Architecture

We strive to maximize interactions with your targeted website visitors and achieve successful results to meet your goals.
Evaluate your company’s assets
Discuss the goals of your project
Research your competition and industry
Develop an effective concept and present a launching strategy
Establish architecture through a sitemap, wire frames and functionalities

Phase 2

Content Creation

Our copywriters devise content to provide accurate and compelling information to your site visitors.
Create unique buyer personas
Write original web copy and edit provided copy
Identify and implement existing or stock imagery
Optimize web copy for SEO
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Phase 3

Website Design

Our visual layouts will promote organic pageflow, information-retrieval and interest in your products and services.
Determine colour palette and overall aesthetics
Showcase your company’s unique story
Arrange architecture and content
Create main sections, graphic elements and sub pages
Implement mobile-responsive design

Phase 4

Website Development

We develop our code to make sure your website’s loading speed, accessibility and stability are the highest they can be.
Incorporate content management system
Construct an admin dashboard to control system
Move and implement your website’s content
Develop mobile responsive layouts that are scalable
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Phase 5


We fully test your website, fix any problematic content and launch your new website upon approval.
Assess functionality of your website in different browsers and mobile devices
Set up hosting environment
Launch your new website


Many of our clients have combined our web design and development services with other specialties such as SEO, PPC and copywriting for a full digital marketing strategy. As one of the top web designing companies Toronto recommends, we’ll let our work speak for our quality.

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Aero Airport

PPC / Web Design / Web Development


Copywriting / PPC / SEO / Web Design / Web Development


SEO / Web Design

Canadian Health Recovery Centre

Copywriting / PPC / SEO / Web Design

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Toronto Cosmetic

Copywriting / Web Design / Web Development


Copywriting / Web Design

Atom Booster

SEO / Web Design


Copywriting / PPC / SEO / Web Design

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Perfect Dental Implant

SEO / Web Design / Web Development

Strategy & Analytics:

Website Audit

The first step in any successful website project is a website audit. With the website audit, our goal is to better understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses of your current site. This process simplifies the planning for your new website.

Analytics Search Audit – We ensure that your Google Analytics is set up properly. We provide a list of your website’s highest ranking pages, the keywords associated with that page and your domain’s overall authority.

Design Audit – The user experience on your website is reviewed with the focus of the users’ navigation of your website content. Conversion elements are examined and suggested to improve conversion levels.

Content Audit – We evaluate how the images and words work together to support the overall goal of each page. We suggest areas in the content that need to be improved, such as replacing stock photography.

Technical Audit – An overall review of your website’s performance is done including looking at URL and link structure, backlink quality and how fast your website loads.

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Strategy & Analytics:

Keyword Research

The central element to any website’s design, development and SEO should be keyword research. This key element is utilized to increase your website’s traffic and its ability to convert visitors. It aligns the content on your website with the SEO-driven topics that your ideal audience is searching online.

Planning Pages – The use of keyword research makes sure that your website is the most relevant to your visitors as it can be. The creation of your content revolves around keywords that are strategically chosen by our SEO experts.

Building Sitemaps – The sitemap is the base of your entire website. By assigning key topics to each of your inner pages, your visitors are sure to find exactly what they are searching for. This flow of topics also adds to the navigational flow of the pages.

Defining Topics – Each page on your website needs to be highly targeted in order to increase the chance of conversion.  When a website is nicely segregated, the website is easier for to find because of the relevance to search queries.

Attracting Visitors – In order to build trust with your site visitors, we align your website’s structure and keywords. This guides the visitors towards targeted call-to-actions that stimulate engagement and generate new leads for your business.

The central element to any website’s design, development and SEO, as any web design company Toronto recommends would know, should be keyword research.

Web Design & UX:

Marketing Web Design

As a web design agency Toronto recommends, our website designs are made to increase traffic and convert visitors. We build your website around your company’s marketing objectives in order to maximize the reach and overall impact your brand has on consumers.

Rank & Attract – We build our marketing websites around keyword research and content that has been optimized for search engines. We utilize calls-to-action encourage visitors to get in contact with your company, which increases your overall conversion rate.

Stand-Out Designs – We align your website’s design with your company’s unique goals with the addition of best practices of your specific industry.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly – To increase the user experience of your visitors, we make your website accessible to all devices. This is important to consider because of the growing number of searches that come from mobile devices.

Integration – Our website design Toronto agency designs allow for the integration of numerous tools to align with your marketing goals. These tools include Hubspot, Saleforce, Marketo, Constant Contact and MailChimp.

Web Design & UX:

Web Content Writing

The content and design need to work hand-in-hand in order to attract and influence the right people to your website. This includes the use of relevant topics, the overall tone of content and the consistent language throughout the entire website.

Content Alignment – When a visitor comes to your website, there is a search result that brought them there. We make sure that the same search result is always addressed. This consistency of content builds a trusting relationship with your visitors.

Crafted Content – Most companies don’t realize that traditional writing styles don’t have the same effect online—they should actually be avoided on online platforms altogether. We ensure that your content is brief, but detailed enough to encourage visitor conversion.

Influence Conversion – The content we produce is filled with attention-grabbing heading that are easy for the visitor to scan. We also use social proof and client testimonials before encouraging a visitor’s conversion with the use of a powerful call-to-action, to increase the probability of conversion.

Defining Your Brand Voice –We give your brand a unique voice that has the power to speak directly to your site’s visitors. This showcases to the visitors that your company is an expert that they can trust.

As one of the premier web development agencies in Toronto, the content and design

Website Development:

WordPress Development

WordPress is the most trusted content management system (CMS) on the internet to date. It offers over 1.5 billion customizations so your website design is well on its way to a customized design.

Search-Friendly Platform – With the use of the WordPress platform, the management of your website couldn’t be easier. The drag-and-drop functions allows for content to be updated without fearing what it will look like once it’s published.

Easy User Interface – This CMS simplifies the process of content management and publishing content. This is especially important when your website has a blog because every element is organized into one accessible location.

Customizable – We Web Design Toronto based companies are able to customize the design that your visitors see and the back end to reflect the functions that you need your website to perform. This means that when content needs to be added or deleted, it can be done with ease.

Integration – The functions and features that WordPress offer are constantly expanding. This allows our developers will select and install plugins that ensure that your website is compatible with your existing systems.

We are one of the few Toronto web development companies that are widely-endorsed for our WordPress integrations. Call us for web design, Toronto-wide.

Website Development:

Hosting & Support

After we build your website, we don’t just walk away. Edkent Media provides ongoing support for your website post-launch. We handle everything from CMS updates and bug fixes to design tweaks.

Managed Hosting—The number of ways your company will benefit from managed hosting include site maintenance, performance optimization, content management system updates, uptime monitoring and security management.

Dedicated Team –Every month we offer regular improvements to your website. You will have access to a constantly evolving website, ongoing Google Analytics strategies and access to our dedicated team to help with any problems that might arise.  

Site Enhancements – Once your website is launched doesn’t mean that your website can’t continue to grow. We offer site enhancements including new designs for feature elements and pages, and increase functionality of current features.

Support Services – Our team monitors, diagnoses and updates your website on an ongoing basis. We are there to apply upgrades to plugins and CMS, fix integration issues and assist with feature requests. And if your site goes down, we will be there to get it going again.

Analytics & Optimization:

Analytics Review

The only way a website can be successful is when its performance is measurable. Edkent Media’s web strategists are constantly looking for ways to optimize your website.

Analytics Setup – We confirm that all your Analytics tools have been set up properly, including AdWords report integration. This allows the data within the platform to the actionable and accurate, which is our primary goal.

Metrics-Based Decisions – Smart marketing is based on decisions that have been based on metrics, not assumptions. In order to maximize your investment and the results of your website, your website needs to be refined on a regular basis based on data.

Reporting & Automation – Setting up Analytics takes time, but once it’s complete, the data is easily readable to actionable. We are able to customize dashboards that are custom to your traffic and goals, and provide you the reports on a monthly basis.

Traffic & Conversion – We document what on your website areas are working well and what areas require a little more attention. We examine conversion rates, page values, top pages, traffic sources and goal completions.

Analytics & Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization

A website’s main objective is to attract visitors and then get those visitors to convert. In order to improve the traffic coming to your website, search engine optimization needs to be introduced to your digital marketing strategy.

Keyword Research – This is the core of every website that Edkent Media builds. We analyze relevant topics and keywords that your content should target. We take those phrases and build them into the sitemap.

Outrank the Competition – We cross reference keywords that your competition is ranking for with the topics that people are searching for. Based on this research, we build a strategy to ensure that visitors will come to your site rather than your competitor’s.  

Website Architecture – By creating perceptive sitemaps, Edkent Media builds websites that rank. We set up paths for visitors to be guided along. The overall goal is to increase user experience and highlight important content.

Search-Friendly Content – We first determine which pages on your current website are top-ranking in order to tweak the content. This way the page will continue to rank after the new website goes live. And the new content that needs to be written for the website? We do that too.

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