The business landscape today demands an investment in an online presence if a company is to stay competitive in its operations. With increasingly more people gaining access to the internet, traditional marketing techniques are slowly being phased out by newer and more efficient methods such as SEO and social media marketing. 

A website is the single most valuable resource a business entity can have in this day and age. The real problem facing most firms with up-and-running sites is high bounce rates. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of clicks on links redirecting to a website. Therefore, this means the visitor leaves the site without checking out the products or services offered therein.

Several issues cause bouncing. These issues can eventually translate into a slump in the number of sales. So what is a good bounce rate? To answer this delicate question, we first need to examine the purpose of a business web page.

A website’s singular purpose is to announce the presence of a business entity in the online sphere. Here, a company can showcase some products or services with the hope to make sales or conversions.

However, that is not always the case. A website bounce rate is a reflection of how much interest a company is generating online.

Typically, the average bounce rate lies within the range of 41 to 55%. A good bounce rate lies in the range of 25 to 40%. A high bounce rate is anything above 70%.

What does a high bounce rate have to do with your company? Several things actually, take a look:

Your Company Is Attracting The Wrong Traffic

High bounce rates are an indicator that your marketing campaigns are attracting the wrong customers. Once a potential client realizes they are in the wrong place they immediately bounce. Search engine optimization techniques may be pulling in the wrong leads causing a high bounce rate. If a web page does not match the search results, rest assured the bounce rates will be through the roof.

Your Company Has A Poor Web Design

Nothing puts off online visitors faster than a poorly designed business website. This includes poor site navigation, horrible layout, slow loading time or just that the content on your website does not match up to the hype in your advertisements. Just like that, the visitors leave without clicking on anything else.

Your Company’s Call To Action Is Not Working

A call to action is an image or tagline strategically placed on a company’s website provoking the clientele to take action such as purchasing an individual product or subscribing to a service offered. Your company’s calls to action may be ineffective due to such factors as poor type facing or leading to the calls to action blending in with the rest of the text.

Your Company Isn’t Paying Attention To Technical Website Aspects

Most people have access to a smartphone which makes it a lot easier to search for products and services online. If your company’s website is not mobile-friendly, this could cause some serious issues. Another common cause of high bounce rates is the annoying email capture pop-ups synonymous with most sites. Building a mailing list is a good move on your company’s part, but it needs to be done properly. If the first thing a client encounters on your landing page is a pop-up, chances are he or she will leave immediately.

Low bounce rates are a good indication that customers are responding well to your marketing efforts and you are making quite some conversions. However, low bounce rates in some instances suggest a breakdown in analytics implementation.

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