Why Your No-follow Links Have So Value?

By August 17, 2018 April 6th, 2023 Digital Marketing, SEO

Are you ready to start a new blog? If yes, you must be very excited. Once you start to make blog posts for your website or business, you would definitely want to gain a top-ranking position in the SERP.

However, you will need to keep in mind that gaining the topmost spot won’t happen within a day or a week. You would be required to build a certain amount of quality links in order to see the desired results.

Not All Links Are Equal

You must be well aware of the fact that not all links are created equal. However, some links are able to provide great value in Google search. When a business wants to rank in search engine result pages, usage of the right kind of link is very important. Links help to establish a presence on the internet.

Nowadays, No-follow links carry the hidden power to make it the most important one just like the followed ones. In fact, the value of the No-follow links has always remained a debated topic among SEO experts and online marketers. Ever since Google’s Penguin got rolled out, the risks of links became a crucial question.

Reason to Have More Links

Links help to assess whether the site is a known and trusted one. At the same time, it helps to regulate how high the site shows up in the major search engine rankings, especially Google.

When another site links to a website it becomes a victory. However, sometimes a business might find traffic directed to their site by the ‘No-follow’ link. Links with the No-follow value don’t count for Page Rank calculations. In fact, it tells search engines not to follow the link. Conversely, a ‘Do-follow’ link count towards page rankings.

At first glance, No-follow links might look as a poison pill. However, one should not decline the benefits of a No-follow link. A No-follow link might not push a site closer to the first page of Google’s search results; still, it can be very helpful.

Why No-follow Links Have A Great SEO Value?

No-follow links can be highly beneficial for any business. This feature prevented freeloading advertisers from diminishing the reliability and trustworthiness of the host sites.

Most importantly, there are some important reasons for appreciating the No-follow links. They are:

Traffic is Traffic, Indifferent of Link Attribute

The benefit of following No-follow goes beyond SEO and one of the main benefits is to direct traffic to the sites. The main aim of link building is to create opportunities for people discovering a website or just getting engaged with the audience. Thereby, convert it to sales. From that outlook, it doesn’t matter much for the rel facet, as long as one gets to click on the link and visit the pages.

Links prompt more links, which enhances the rank, and a unique no-follow link can be connected to on different sites as a Do-follow link, particularly if the original was posted on a high traffic site. Leads lead to traffic, which leads to commitment, and engagement leads to benefit.

The Flowing of Link Juice

One shouldn’t think that the No-follow links do nothing to create Link Juice. The Link Juice is an SEO term for the value provided by one linking page to another. In practice, when one is taking a glimpse at a No-follow link, the tap is turned off and no juice reaches the upstream site. Search engines are taking a look at that rel attribute and turn a blind eye. Actually, search engines are more unpredictable than that.

The general recurrence and situation of No-follow links are figured into web crawlers’ general page positioning figuring, particularly when the host web-page is viewed as “legitimate.”

Google Tries to Act Natural

Search engines like Google penalize websites occasionally. It penalizes sites that try to be too overt in their attempt to game the system, by creating many Do-follow links. By mixing No-follow links with Do-follow links gives less of an impression that the site is trying to create backlinks for SEO benefits.

Keeping that in mind, careful use of the No-follow value can help to ensure Google that a business is not up to any mischief and there seems no reason to penalize a Page Rank score.

Authority Wins

Having a lot of No-follow links can improve the authority of a site. It improves the metrics, which leads to more traffic and business opportunities. The number of people sees a site is linked, they visit it more and share it with others. This helps a business to remain better engaged and trustworthy.

It can be said that No-follow links can create great value for a business. It not only bump the Page Rank but also increases the visibility and organic traffic for a site.